Jajpur is one of the most well known pilgrim spots in India due to its special significance to the devotees of the Hindu religion.

According to popular belief, Sati's navel fell at Jajpur near Cuttack. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the sacred places of India. This place has been named after the king named Jajati Keshari. Jajpur is also called Vaitarani Tirtha. The most commonly worshiped deity of this place is Goddess Viraja or Durga.

Jajpur near Cuttack city is popular for its temples. The most popular temple of this place is the temple of Birajadevi. In this temple, the idol of Birajadevi is mounted on a lion and holds a spear with one arm and Mahishasur's tail with the other arm. This temple is crowded with people particularly during the festivals like Kali Puja and Durga Puja. At the time of Durga Puja, a chariot is drawn. There is a pool called Navikunda near the temple.

The temple of Ganapati on the Baitarani Ghat is also visited by many tourists. The temple of Jagannathdev in Jajpur is also very popular. According to the priests, this temple is the original temple of Jagannath. The Matrika Temple of Jajpur is well known among the tourists. The Ashtamatrika, that is, 8 mother figures, are worshiped in this temple.

Last Updated on 30 August 2012