Qadam-i-Rasool is a monument that was built by a Hindu ruler during his reign in the 18th century AD. It is visited by people across the country to enjoy the architectural beauty of the period.

The mosque of Qadam-i-Rasool is considered sacred by the people of the communities of both Hindus and Muslims. This mosque was constructed for the Muslims who lived in his kingdom. Actually, there are three mosques here. The mosque that is situated in between the other two has the footprints of Prophet Mohammed, which is engraved in a stone of circular shape.

At the four corners of the high compound wall of the Qadam-i-Rasool there are four small towers. These towers are carved out of stone. There are four flat-topped domes and pucca pavements situated in different directions. The main building is octagonal in shape. The central dome is a wonderful creation. The external surface of the dome is decorated with a pinnacle made up of gold.

Last Updated on 30 August 2012