Churches in Haryana

The "Churches" of the state reflect the secular culture and tradition of Haryana. The splendid structure of the "Churches" points out the architectural skills and the artistic creativity of the ancient golden days. Amidst the hustle bustle of the cities of Haryana, the "Churches" of the state stands tall with their over imposing structures that adds to the glory and grandeur of the state.

Apart from the religious importance of the "Churches", the religious organization also fulfills several other social functions. During times of natural calamities, the "Churches" provides relief to the poor and the needy. The giant structures of the "Churches" of the state of Haryana draws several tourists through out the year.

The "Churches" of Haryana are noted for their marvelous "Gothic" architectural style. The sprawling gardens, the splendid building and the serene atmosphere of the "Churches" fills one with an intense sense of satisfaction and pleasure. The devotees visit the "Churches" to seek divine blessings and eternal happiness.

During the times of festive occasions like "Easter" and "Christmas", the "Churches" of the state wear an attractive look. The gardens of the religious monuments are decorated with colorful lights that imparts heavenly look to the giant structures.

One of the most well known "Church" of the state is the "Saint Paul's Church" which attracts many devotees from different faiths. The "Saint Paul's Church" is an significant hallmark of the state. Apart from the heavenly feeling, one cannot but appreciate the rich architecture of the religious monument of the "Christians".

Last Updated on : 1st April 2013