Bank of Maharashtra

Established in 1935, Bank of Maharashtra is one of the leading banks of India. Beginning with a mere capital of 10 lakhs on 8th February 1936, the bank targets to cross the Business Level of Rs 85,500/- crores by March 2009.

Renowned for promoting small businesses, Bank of Maharashtra is known as common man's bank. Working on the motto of Technology with Personal Touch, Bank of Maharashtra is catering to a large number of people across all strata of society. The nationalization of the bank in 1969 led to its rapid expansion and today Bank of Maharashtra over 1400 branches spread all across India.

The Bank of Maharashtra has incorporated the latest technology to provide best services to its customers. This public sector bank with largest network in Maharashtra hopes to reduce net NPA level to below 1%

Services provided by the Bank of Maharashtra
  • Deposit Schemes
    • Mahasaraswati Scheme
    • Mixed Deposit Scheme
    • Mahabank Lok Bachat Yojana
    • Mahabank Unit Deposit Scheme
    • Sulabh Jama Yojana
  • Credit Facilities
    • Educational Loans
    • Housing Finance Scheme
    • Mahabank Adhar Scheme
    • Mahabank Vehicle Loan Scheme
  • Banking Services
    • ATM
    • Credit Card
    • Demat Services
    • Distribution of Mutual Funds
    • Bancassurance
  • Add-on Services
    • Executor of will
    • Management of private trust
    • Management of public charitable trust
    • Management of investment and house properties as attorney
    • Guardianship of minor's property

Bank of Maharashtra Branches