Camel Safari Jaisalmer

The Camel Safari in Jaisalmer offers an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy the life in the shimmering glory of the desert sand. A camel safari allows the tourists to explore the life and majesty of Rajasthan and enthrall the desert scape.

Also known as the 'ship of the desert' the camel is the most popular of all animals in the desert. A camel safari allows the visitor to get a glimpse of the simplistic villages of Rajasthan and exposes the tourist to the rustic lifestyle of the desert people. The camel safari routes traverse through the desert sand dunes taking the tourist to the ancient havelis, temples and abandoned palaces.

On the Camel Safari, the tourists are required to gear up for the harsh weather of the desert. The safari is designed to suit travelers all across the globe. The tourists may enjoy the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan and listen to the traditional music. Tourists may also participate in the cultural programs hosted in the deserts of Rajasthan.

The duration of camel safari depends on the tourists. There are various types of packages, which starts from half day safari package to seven days & six nights package. Some of the travel agents also offer Christmas and New Year camel safari packages. Other facilities including food, mineral water and bedrolls are offered to the tourists throughout the safari.

There are many resorts in Jaisalmer that offer a camel safari. Camel safari in the Jaisalmer belt may include a trip on the following route:

  1. Jaisalmer
  2. Bada Bagh
  3. Baishakhi
  4. Baramsar
  5. Ramkunda
  6. Roopsi
  7. Ludrava
  8. Kahla
  9. Kharoe Ki Dhani
  10. Damodara
  11. Kanoi
  12. Sam Dune
  13. Salkhan
  14. Kanoi Ki Beri
  15. Khabha
  16. Dedha
  17. Jaija
  18. Kuldhara
  19. Manpia
  20. Moolsagar
  21. Amarsagar
  22. Duzasar
  23. Jaisalmer
The picturesque desert can be enjoyed on the camel safari. The desert appears beautiful and luring through the day and the night in the camel safari.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the golden city of Rajasthan is from October to March. Choosing other months may leave you with a heat stroke.

How to Reach

It depends upon the camel safari provider you are getting in touch with. There are many such providers, so you can contact the one that is near to your hotel.


Last Updated on December 1 , 2016