Ajit Jalandhar

Ajit Jalandhar is one of the most important newspapers that are available to the readers of Jalandhar in Punjab. This newspaper is widely acclaimed by the common people, as it publishes all the information related to their daily life.
The newspaper of Ajit Jalandhar is one of the newspapers of the state of Punjab that are printed in the Punjabi language. This news resource of Jalandhar offers all the important information pertaining to the state of Punjab as well as the rest of the country.

Ajit Jalandhar also publishes a number of articles on news from across the globe. One of the specialties of this newspaper is that it publishes articles on a variety of subjects. Some of the most popular news segments that are covered by the Ajit Jalandhar are politics and business.The sports section of Ajit Jalandhar is quite popular among the readers of this Punjabi newspaper. The newspaper also offers crispy news items from the entertainment world.
The entertainment news covered by this newspaper pertains to a variety of subjects like Punjabi films and fashion. The people of Jalandhar take a lot of interest in the Hindi film industry.

The people of the district often prefer the Ajit Jalandhar newspaper over any other newspaper of the region as it is a reliable source of information. This newspaper of Jalandhar provides the best of entertainment and knowledge at the same time.