Demography of Jamshedpur

The demography of Jamshedpur is 16, 13,088, according to the census of 1991. The population of Jamshedpur comprises of 8, 46,456 males while the total number of female in Jamshedpur is 7, 66,632. The density of population in Jamshedpur is 457 persons per square kilometer.

Jamshedpur is one of the most important industrial areas in India. In fact, Jamshedpur is known as the 'Pittsburgh of India'. Therefore, the urban population of the city is higher than the rural population. It is estimated that about 47.31% of the population resides in the rural areas; whereas the urban areas consists of 52.69% of the population of Jamshedpur.

According to statistics, the scheduled caste comprises about 4.8% of the total population of Jharkhand. The total number of scheduled castes in Jamshedpur is 77,194. The scheduled tribes in Jamshedpur occupy a major part of the population of Jamshedpur. The total number of scheduled tribes living in Jamshedpur is 4, 67,796.

The demography of Jamshedpur comprises of a number of linguistic groups. Some of the important languages spoken in Jamshedpur are Hindi, Bengali, Oriya and Santhali. The percentage of Bengali speakers is proportionately higher in Jamshedpur. Linguistically, the district of Jamshedpur can be divided into four distinct zones.

Last Updated on 24/06/2013