Jamshedpur to Musabani

Jamshedpur to Musabani is a very exciting weekend trip from Jamshedpur. The virgin beauty of the place captivates one's minds.

It is located 40 km from Jamshedpur and can be reached in around one hour by road. One can also avail of a bus from Sakchi Bus stand in Jamshedpur to reach Musabani. The place is famous for its copper mines. The beautiful landscape of the region is surrounded by the mountains, attracting huge number of tourists.

Some of the places to visit at Musabani are the Sidheswar Temple at Rakha Mines and the Zaher Sthan, which is a holy place for the Adivasi people. The Adivasis come here to offer prayers at the Zaher Sthan. Musabani is an interesting destination for tourists who are interested to know the culture and beliefs of various tribes. The region is inhabited by people of Santhal tribe.

Last Updated on : 02/07/2013