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Ludhiana Tourism

Ludhiana has a rich history, which makes it a tourism hot spot. The Punjab government has recently been giving more emphasis to tourism. In fact, a whopping Rs. 250 crores has been spent through the Ludhiana Tourism Project. As per available statistics, 3.3 million visitors (domestic as well as international) visited this historical and happening place last year.

A nationwide campaign called "Atithi Devo Bhavah" (meaning Guests are our God, in keeping with Indian traditional values) has given impetus to tourism. This initiative has led to sensitization of people towards various aspects of Indian tourism. In fact, tourism in Ludhiana has received a big boost from this campaign as it led to an increase of tourists here.

According to latest figures available from the Punjab Tourism website, the number of foreign tourists visiting Punjab has increased from a mere 110,404 in 2009 to 150,958 in 2011. In fact, there has been a phenomenal increase in domestic tourists too. It increased from 5,369,995 to 16,416,638 during the same period. A large section of these tourists visited Ludhiana. In fact, this place has become one of the essentials in the itineraries of tourists visiting North India, especially Punjab.

Best Time to Visit

You can visit this place during summer, winter, and rainy seasons. However, the most preferred time to visit here is between October and February. The climate of this place can be classified as a semiarid one. During summer (May to mid-July), its temperature varies between 19°C and 41°C. The minimum temperature of Ludhiana during winter (October to February) comes down to 6°C. The maximum temperature at this point of year remains around 33°C. The rainy season remains for two months. If you would like to visit the place during this time of the year, always keep in mind that rainfall is very unpredictable now.

This place has extreme weather conditions, ranging from too hot to too cold. During the summer, you should bring cotton clothes with you. If you are visiting Ludhiana during the winter, don't forget to keep adequate heavy woollen clothes with you.

Local Transport

One of the handy options in Ludhiana, when it comes to local transport, is the auto-rickshaws. They ply on even the most narrow and crowded roads of this city to ferry people from one place to another. Bus services are also available here. Ludhiana Bus Depot is under construction. Once it is complete, transportation by bus will become more organized. You can go by different bypasses of the city, Chaura Bazaar, old courts, and many other places on buses. The most congested areas are NH-1 bypass ramp and Chaura Bazaar area of Ludhiana.

Rental car services are also available here. Whether you need a chauffeur-driven non-AC or AC car, you will get all kinds of services. A full day tour in Ludhiana will cost you around Rs. 1,400. In case you want to visit outstation destinations, it will cost you Rs. 9.5 per kilometer.


There is no dearth of hotels in Ludhiana. Due to development of tourism and industrial advancement, a wide range of people visits this place. In order to cater to the various needs of different kinds of people, you will find all kinds of staying arrangements and eating places. If you need a luxurious stay, you can opt from a variety of 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star hotels. In fact, you can find semi-luxury 2-star hotels too. In case, you have a low budget, you can stay at the affordable and budget hotels. On the basis of the type of hotel you choose, your cost can be anything between Rs. 600 and Rs. 5,000. All these hotels can be found in certain areas of this bustling city and they are Civil Lines, City Center, Railway Station, Clock Tower, G T Road, Bahadur House, Aarti Chowk, Humbran Road, Brown Road, Bhai Bala Chowk, Link Road (which is near the Bus Stand), Ferozpur Road, and Jalpat Rai Market.


Let's start the gastronomical journey with traditional dishes of the land. Ludhiana is famous for tandoori dishes. Whether, it is fish, chicken, naans, rotis, or marinated meat, you will get all kinds of tandoori delicacies in here. Another dish that is prepared with lots of butter and pure ghee is Murg Makhani. You can have this dish with Rotis, Paranthas, or Naans.

Some of the popular traditional dishes people of Ludhiana prefer to have are Makke Ki Roti, Sarson Ka Saag, fresh curd, Lassi and white butter on maize flour bread. Rice is considered a festival dish here, which they like to have with Rajma and Ma Ki Dal. They like to have onions with their meals as salad. Rao Ki Kheer is another delicacy you should try to get the original flavor of Ludhiana. It is a dessert, prepared from sugarcane juice and rice. Some of the other traditional dishes include Dahi Raita, Bhunna Gosht, Stuffed peas and potatoes, and onion chutney.

Other than the pure Punjabi delicacies, you can also find other Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines here. You will also find exotic Mexican as well as Italian food in some renowned restaurants.

Shopping in Ludhiana

You can shop for almost anything from this district of Punjab. The blend of traditional Punjabi and cosmopolitan-western culture has made Ludhiana one of the happening places of shopping. Whether it is jewellery, computers, clothes, books, electronic goods, beauty items, furniture, music CDs/DVDs, flowers, and so on, you will find all kinds of articles to shop. Get the best products at affordable prices here.

One of the most traditional and bustling places to shop is the Ghumar Mandi Road. You will find almost all the traditional and modern items here beside the road. However, the shops here remain closed on Sundays. Therefore, visit this happening market on weekdays only, because they remain open every weekday including Saturdays. You will have a unique experience here as you dodge through this overcrowded and narrow lane.

One of the most popular markets of them all is Chaura Bazar. You can enjoy the place most during the famous Indian festival of lights - Diwali. During this time the shops offer great discounts. In case, you want to shop at the best boutiques, you can visit Model Town Market, Ferozepur Road, and Mall Road. Some of the other famous shopping places include Court Road, West-End Mall, Sarabha Nagar, Flea Market, Mochpura Bazaar, Kamla Nehru Market, Fountain Chowk, Meena Bazaar, Akal Market, Ansal Plaza, and many more.

Popular Things

Ludhiana has a wide range of popular places for tourists to visit. Some of the places that you cannot afford to miss are Gurdwara Charankanwal Sahib Machhiwara, Nehru Rose Garden, Guru Nanak Stadium, Tiger Safari, Hardy's World, Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Rural Museum, and Guru Nanak Bhawan. Other attractions of the place include Gurdwara Alamgir Sahib, Gurdwara Manji Sahib, Water Resource Museum, Deer Park, Payal Fort (800 years old), and other fortresses of the past.

One of the unique aspects of the popular places in Ludhiana includes several villages. These have been developed as tourist destinations by the tourism department of Punjab. Some of the villages that have become popular tourist destinations are Mattewara, Machian Kalan, Garhi, Sekhuwal, Selkiana, Garcha, Haider Nagar, and others.

In some of these villages the Indian film industry, also known as Bollywood, has made some its most popular movies. Some of the renowned movies filmed here are Rang De Basanti, Dil Bole Haddipa, Son of Sardar, Luv Shuv de Chicken Khurana, and many more. Bollywood movies have made these unknown villages extremely popular among the domestic tourists. In fact foreign tourists have also started to include these villages in their itinerary.

Some other renowned destinations to visit in Ludhiana include the ancestral house of Lala Lajpat Rai, Sutlej River, Rakh Bagh Sukmani Park, the ancestral house of Sukhdev Thapar, Old City Markets, and Rose Garden Clock Tower.

Ludhiana Travel Tips

While visiting Ludhiana, you should keep certain things in mind and some of the most important of them all are:
  1. While going around the city, you will need to avail local transport including auto-rickshaws and buses. Therefore, you should carry lots of coins while traveling. When taking Rs. 500 notes, check them whether they are real.
  2. If you are visiting the place during summer, you should have enough loose cotton dresses. Women should try to wear comfortable and traditional Salwar Kameez or cotton trousers and T-shirts. If you don't have them, buy them cheap from the local market.
  3. If beggars bug you, don't encourage them by giving alms. In case they become too annoying, take help from the police near you.
  4. If you catch a bug, always try a yoghurt drink. It will help your body develop more immunity to fight the bacteria. Always carry an antiseptic ointment with you. It may come handy if you get hurt somehow. In fact, you should also carry basic medicines with you so that you can take them in case of fever or diarrhea.
  5. Drink lots of fluid while traveling. Always carry water with you. You can even have coconut water to avoid dehydration. It is good for health.

Cost to Travel

Buses and auto-rickshaws are good options for local travel in Ludhiana.

The non-AC low floor bus will charge you Rs. 8 up to a maximum of 5 kms. It will cost you Rs. 15 and Rs. 20 for 5-to-10 kms and 10-to-15 kms respectively. For more than 15 kms, it will cost you Rs. 20 and Re. 1 for every additional kilometer. A smaller round of the city by auto rickshaw will cost you Rs. 8. For a bigger round it will cost you Rs. 10. In case, you need a round trip, the cost will become to Rs. 30.

You can also rent a car for traveling around the city. A car ride for a day can cost you Rs. 1,400 or more.

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