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Tourist Map of Amritsar
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Tourist Map of Amritsar
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Amritsar Tourism

Traveling in Amritsar is a pleasure as it is very well connected through road, rail and air. Amritsar has established itself as a popular tourist center because of its easy accessibility.
Traveling in Amritsar through train is very easy because the rail connections of Amritsar are very well developed. By rail it is directly connected with Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay, Varanasi, Wagah and many other important places in India. Few important trains that run from Amritsar are Frontier Mail, Shatabdi Express and Utkal Express.

Traveling in Amritsar is very convenient as it has an extensive network of roads connecting it with Ambala, Chandigarh, Delhi, Ferozepur, Jammu etc. Some of the road distances from Amritsar are :- Jammu 216 km, Delhi 435 km, Ferozepur 160 km, Chandigarh 235 km and Wagah 29 km. Most of the cities of North India can be easily accessed from Amritsar. Both state and private buses ply from Amritsar to all the districts of the state and also outside the state. The means of conveyance in and around the city of Amritsar are cycle, rickshaws, taxis, and city buses.

Amritsar is connected by air with various places of India. The airport at Amritsar is situated 11km away from the central place of the city and is known as Raja Sansi International Airport. There are direct flights to Delhi by Indian airlines every Wednesday and Friday. Airlines like Air India, Indian Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Jet Airways. operate flights to international destinations including, Singapore, London, Birmingham and Toronto. Nearly 48 flights operate every week from the airport.

How to Reach Amritsar

Amritsar is the city of the Golden Temple, the holy shrine of Sikhism. Apart from that the beautiful city has many other Sikh temples and tourist attractions which draw a large number of visitors every year. Amritsar is situated in the north-western part of the state and has a good transportation network.

By Air

Amritsar is a key city in the state of Punjab. The Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport in Amritsar connects the city with regular flights to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc by air. The airport also connects international flights to Ashgabat, Doha, Dubai and Tashkent.

Flights to Amritsar

New Delhi to Amritsar Flights:
  • Spicejet
  • JetKonnect
  • Air India
  • Jet Airways

Mumbai to Amritsar Flights:
  • Spicejet
  • Air India (via Delhi)
  • JetKonnect (via Delhi)
  • Jet Airways (via Delhi)

Kolkata to Amritsar Flights:
  • Air India (via Delhi)
  • JetKonnect (via Delhi)

By Rail

The city has a railway station, which is regularly serviced by important express, mail and passenger trains linking it to the different parts of the country. The Amritsar Junction is well linked with major cities of India.

Trains to Amritsar

One can approach to Amritsar by rail from any part of India. There is a special train called Samjhauta Express which connects to Lahore in Pakistan by rail.

Trains from Delhi to Amritsar:
  • New Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi Express/12013
  • New Delhi-Amritsar SF InterCity/12459
  • New Delhi-Amritsar Swarna Shatabdi Express/12029
  • Shan-e-Punjab Express/12497 More Trains...

Trains from Mumbai to Amritsar:
  • Paschim Express/12925
  • Golden Temple Mail/12903
  • Mumbai LTT-Amritsar (Pathankot) Express/11057 More Trains...

Trains from Kolkata to Amritsar:
  • Howrah-Amritsar Express/13049
  • Howrah-Amritsar (Punjab) Mail/13005
  • Akal Takht Express/12317
  • Sealdah-Amritsar Jallianwala Bagh Express/12379 More Trains...

By Road

Amritsar is well connected by road to major cities of north India. The city is situated on the significant Grand Trunk Road (G.T Road) which is also known as the National Highway Number 1. Besides this, highway number 54 also connects to the city. Daily bus services run to and from major cities and neighbouring states.

Distance to Amritsar
  • From delhi : 447K KM
  • From jammu : 219 KM
  • From shimla : 322 KM
  • From pathankot : 112 KM
  • From chandigarh : 217 KM
  • From ahmedabad : 1223 KM
  • From jaipur : 705 KM
  • From´┐Żkolkata : 1855 KM
Amritsar Distance Chart

Shopping in Amritsar

Shopping in Amritsar is a delightful experience for the avid shopper. The state of Punjab has a fairly rich tradition of handicrafts and handlooms.

  • The state is noted for exquisite handicrafts like phulkari (traditional embroidery), lacquered woodwork, jewelry etc. These are the items, you should look for while shopping in Amritsar.

  • Also go for the Punjabi jutis (shoes), which are typical of this region.

  • Hand-woven carpets, blankets, woolen garments and of course Patiala salwar (the traditional Indian garments with a Punjabi twist in design) are hit with those who want to do some shopping in Amritsar.

  • Jams, jellies and pickles of Punjab are quite famous and are available in Amritsar in galore.

  • Do not forget to pick up a bottle or two along with some dry fruits while shopping in Amritsar.

There are several shopping joints in the city. The old city bazaars are better places for shopping traditional Indian wears in Amritsar. Trendy shopping malls with swish interiors are quite common in the city. If you want to shop top brands, do give them a shot.

Alternatively, hang out at Cooper Road, Mochi Bazaar, Guru Bazaar, Shastri Market for some good shopping in Amritsar.

Tourism statistics

Amritsar is one of the ideal tourist spots in Punjab. Laid in early 1574, it is the most travelled tourist destination spots. It offers a wide range of sight-seeing monuments and places. Many places especially the Golden Temple are visited daily by hundreds of foreigners. The state of Punjab has the highest visiting rate in Amritsar in 55,56,342 domestic visitors, 15,00,000 foreigners, totaling to 57,06,342 number people recorded during a survey in 2011. The glorious places and the historical value behind each one is the cause for its popularity and fame. Amritsar, till date, remains the premier place to visit when in the land of the beautiful Punjab.

Best Time to Visit

Amritsar has varying climates from January to December. Being a place of extreme temperatures, the best time to visit is during the days of moderate temperatures. Summers (April to June) are very hot with around 49 C during its peak. Winters are very cold (November to March), with around -4 C to 18 C. Monsoons (July to October) are pleasant with frequent showers. So, the best time to visit Amritsar is during the months of October to March. The temperature is mild and ideal for visiting places, for sightseeing and for shopping.

Local Transport

From the minute you enter Amritsar, transport is easy. If you have just landed by means of airway, you can access a car rental service or a general taxi service or maybe even the pre-paid taxi service, at your convenience. The airport is located at a mere 20 minutes drive from the heart of the city. If the train is your choice of entering Amritsar, you are provided with many numbers of trains from various places in north India. Step outside the station and be greeted by rickshaws and autos which drop you at your destination for a nominal rate. When travelling to the city by car, it takes around 7 to 8 hours from the capital, New Delhi.


From the cheapest to the costliest hotels, Amristar has got everything covered. For a good accommodation, a number of budget hotels are available to suit your need. All the hotels make sure the guests feel at home with their top-notch service. If you are looking for high class hotels near enough for all the tourist spots, Holiday Inn Amritsar, Hotel Hong Kong Inn, and Golden Tulip Amritsar are your ideal place of stay. In case a budget hotel is what you are looking for, look no further, then Ishaan Villa, Kishore Castle and Sita Continental will provide you with a cozy place that feels like home.


Typical Indian cooking is prominent in Amritsar which is rich in flavor and texture. But for those with the sensitive buds can also enjoy the same taste, cooked to meet their taste bud's sensitivity. The food in Amritsar is almost as famous as the Golden Temple. Discover the foodie in you with the various types of dishes that are made. From the breath taking road side vendors to the delicious cuisine hotels, food has never looked yummier. The makki di roti and the classic sarson da saag, the coolest lassi are dishes that are worth dying for!

Popular Things:

Shopping in Amritsar's colorful sidewalks is time and money well spent. Get ready to shop till you drop! A number of shops offer apparels like the Indian style kurtis, sarees, salwars and many more. The Kapra market is filled with phulkari work and sandalwood carvings, for you to take home some really pleasant memories. Woolen garments like shawls, mufflers are just right for a comfortable warm night. Carpets and mattresses woven by locals are also a big hit of handiwork. During the pilgrimage to the Golden Temple, you will come across a variety of Sikh symbols, daggers, swords and khandas to buy as souvenirs.

Travel Tips:

  • Safety is important no matter where you go and Amritsar is no exception. Here are some tips help you make your journey pleasant and safe:
  • While hiring a taxi, it is better to book it from a reputed taxi service provider.
  • While traveling, keep a close watch on accompanying kids that are less than 10 years of age.
  • In case of any emergency, contact the police by dialing 100. 108 is the number to dial for an ambulance.
  • When travelling in a group, stick to the group and avoid moving away as it is easy to get lost in public places that are crowded.
  • There are a number of free service buses that go to places like the Golden Temple and a free meal (langar) is also provided for those on pilgrimage.
  • Indian food is normally spicy and for those with a sensitive palate, it is better to avoid eating along the road side and stick to fresh fruits and juices when on the move.
  • Keep some emergency medicines for some common health problems like vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc.
  • You can carry disinfectants, mosquito repellants, hand wipes, sunglasses, hats, etc to make your travel more convenient.

Cost to Travel

Amritsar has easy access to all the places of tourist interest. Road transport can be done by bus, auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw and cabs. From the railway station, the cheap and the best mode of transport is through the local buses. The bus fare ranges between Rs. 4 and Rs. 10. Travel by bus is not only cheap, it is also safe. The buses have the place of destination marked on the front or the sides, so that one can locate the bus to be chosen for a particular place of visit. Rickshaws are either manually run or run by a motor. To travel short distances, the cycle rickshaw can be used and for longer trips, the auto rickshaw can be used. They run by motor and costs according to the distance travelled. A trip to the Golden Temple from the railway stations will cost around Rs. 50 to Rs. 70. Cabs or taxis can also be hired to travel for short or long distances and also for a day.

How many days are enough to travel?

This is a delicate question. You can travel as you wish - it can be long, it can be shared. Proper planning is all it takes. Even a trip as short as one day and one night can prove to be very fruitful. Choose the right travel agency. Make sure they are efficient in optimizing maximum time. Most people seem to prefer just an overnight stay in Amritsar. Some also recommend a two-day stay. Quicker modes of travel between places are also helpful. Make sure you have enough time to shop for souvenirs. The Golden Temple and the Border Ceremony are two places that are most visited.

Travel Agents

Amritsar is a city having travel agents in abundance. Some of the best Travel Agents include Travel Home, Travel Singh, Distance Travels and many more. Some say that it is best to hire a local travel agency as they would be very familiar with the city. However, they are also the priciest. Foreign Agencies despite the lower rate are a bit oblivious about the city. Book a travel agency that takes care of everything from hotel booking to entry tickets into monuments. Car Rentals should also be taken care of. The Travel Agency also needs to present to you a well thought out tour plan, which can be flexible enough to accommodate the unpredictable delays.

Tourism Department Contacts

A trip to Amritsar needs to be perfected. There are hotels in Amritsar that provide the best of accommodation. The tourism department takes care of all the necessary details from start till end of your journey. Here are some tourism contacts suggestions that will make your trip pleasant and enjoyable.

Tourism Info Office

Address: Near main entrance of Golden Temple

The PTDC Tourist Office

Address: Youth Hostel
Mall Mandi, GT Road
Telephone: 91-183-2231452

Tourist Bureau

Address: Government of Punjab
Opposite railway station

Amritsar Punjab Tourist Information Office

Address: Raja Sanhsi Airport

Places to Visit in Amritsar
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