Media of Nagaland

The media of Nagaland, like media in any other place, is an important component of the state of Nagaland. The Indian state of Nagaland has a somewhat isolated location but the media of Nagaland makes sure that all kinds of news, both National and International reaches the people of Nagaland.

Media of Nagaland includes, Television, Radio and Newspapers. The state of Nagaland has access to almost all the Indian news, entertainment and sports channels and are therefore well connected to the rest of the Nation.

The newspaper media in Nagaland is the broadest and besides the National newspapers of India, a number of Newspapers are published from the state of Nagaland itself. The most popular newspaper media in Nagaland includes:
  • Nagaland Post
  • The Eastern Mirror
  • The Morung Express
  • The North East Herald
  • Nagaland Page
Nagaland has a considerable tribal population and keeping their need in mind, Media in Nagaland includes a number of Newspapers in the tribal languages, these include:
  • Capi in the Tenyidie language
  • Tir Yimyim in the Ao language
  • Tenyi Ralha in the Tenyidie language
  • Ao Milen in the Ao language

Nagaland Page

If one is to mention about the media of Nagaland, the name Nagaland Page inevitably pops up. Published in English language, Nagaland Page is tabloid sized and happens to be one of the most circulated daily newspaper of the state. This hugely popular daily also has a web version available on the Internet.

The Nagaland Page contains news, features, comments, detailed information and advertising of general or special interest. Sensitive issues related to the vulnerable sections of society including the children, women, youth, aged and the disabled are given special emphasis. The Nagaland Page, incidentally, is also the only newspaper in north-eastern India to be entirely owned, compiled, edited and published by a woman.

Nagaland Page believes in the Freedom of Press and tries to keep its reader abreast of the truth, giving importance to democracy and regional harmony. The maintenance of high quality of news and features the Nagaland Page has helped it to thrive with elan in spite of stiff competition from other media. The popularity is also largely due for presenting authentic news and unbiased analysis of events that the newspaper presents.

Nagaland Page features local as well as national and international news. Commentaries, entertainment, sports news, business and economic news of the Nagaland Page are high regarded. Special pages include the much loved popular sections like stories, film, crosswords, creative writing, health issues, and astrology along with classifieds, career, travel, jobs and education sections. The journalists of Nagaland Page try to give their best and even face obstacles as they try to provide the latest news in pace with time.

The Eastern Mirror

If one is to refer to the media of Nagaland, the name The Eastern Mirror inevitably pops up. The Eastern Mirror is one of the most circulated English daily newspaper in the north-east Indian state of Nagaland. The contents encompass the local news as well as news from the national and international frontier.

The Eastern Mirror contains news, comments, detailed information, and advertising of general and special interest. The high quality of this popular daily has helped it flourish in spite of competition from visual and audio media. For many Nagaland homes, morning always starts with The Eastern Mirror and a cup of hot tea. The popularity has also helped the newspaper earn massive revenues from classifieds and advertising.

The The Eastern Mirror daily edition in Nagaland features the headlines, sports news, commentaries, business and economic news as well as news from the entertainment world. There are popular sections like stories, cine world, health topics and astrology along with jobs, classifieds, and travel sections. The journalists of The Eastern Mirror are dedicated and try their level best to provide the latest news in time. No wonder, The Eastern Mirror, with extended distribution network is one of the top Nagaland dailies.

Morung Express

The Morung Express is one the leading newspapers that are available in the state of Nagaland in India. In fact, this newspaper is an important part of the resources of media of Nagaland. The Morung Express newspaper is quite popular among the common people who stay in the state as it provides almost all the important news from the state as well as outside the state. This newspaper covers both national and international news items. The news, views and ideas that are published in The Morung Express of Nagaland are considered of great value by the people of the state.

One of the reasons for the name and fame of The Morung Express is the reliability of the information published in the newspaper. The editor of this important source of news at Nagaland tries to publish unbiased information. Another main reason for the popularity of The Morung Express is the wide range of subjects that the newspaper covers.

The major sectors in which this newspaper publishes articles are given below:
  • Local
  • In-focus
  • Editorial
  • Business
  • Perspective
  • International
  • National
There are some weekly sections in the newspaper, which are Express Review, Impressions, Faith Leaf and Ad Bazaar. These sections provide a variety of important information to the common people of the region. This newspaper of Nagaland also publishes some articles for the entertainment of the readers. To keep pace with time, it offers information and entertainment at the same time. The sports and entertainment sectors of the newspaper are quite popular among the newspaper readers of the state.

The address of the head office of The Morung Express is as follows:

House Number 4
Duncan Road

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013