Orissa Sulfur Springs

There are many facets of attractions in Orissa and the Orissa sulfur springs or the hot water springs add an altogether new dimension to a tour of the state. The significance of the Orissa sulfur springs are manifold, besides its touristic and curative powers, these springs also occupy a position of religious and devotional importance in the country. There are a number of Orissa sulfur springs or hot water springs, these include:

The Orissa sulfur spring in Deulajhari is believed to have originated from beneath the Shivalinga which adds a religious virtue to the spring. The water from the hot water spring of Deulajhari is channelized into 36 ponds which surround the Shiva Temple. This Orissa sulfur spring is visited by tourists as well as by devotees who come to bathe in these hot water springs.

Tarabalo is a cluster of Orissa sulfur spring in the district of Nayagarh. This Orissa sulfur spring covers a total area of 8 acres. Located at a distance of 75 Kilometers from Bhubanesjhwar, the Tarabalo spring is a perfect picnic spot.

Atri is one of the most popular Orissa sulfur spring and it maintains a constant temperature of 55 degree centigrade. In order to make it convenient for the tourists and pilgrims, a bathing complex has been created besides the spring.

The Orissa sulfur spring of Taptapani is located on hill which is densely forested. A pond has been created near the spring which makes it convenient for the pilgrims to bathe in it.


Situated in the Khurda district of Orissa, 42 Kilometers from the capital city, Atri is one of the most popular hot water sulfur springs in Orissa. The Atri sulfur spring is situated in the middle of paddy fields, and a distinct odor of sulfur surrounds the entire surroundings. The waters at the Atri hot water spring maintains a steady temperature of 55 degree centigrade all through out the day. The waters from the spring are reserved in an artificial lake for the use of the people.

With a depth of around 15 feet and a circumference of 10 feet, the reservoir collects enough water to supply all the people visiting the place. The crystal clear water of the Atri sulfur spring is believed to have medical properties that have curative powers. According to the local people the Atri sulfur spring can even cure the infertility of women.


Located at a distance of 50 Kilometers from Berhampur, Taptapani, as the name suggests, is a hot water sulfur spring in Orissa. Set amidst the greenery of a lush forest, the sulfur spring of Taptapani is situated on the top of a hill. The hot waters erupts in bubbles in two specific places and the temperature of this hot water varies between 90 degree to 100 degree Fahrenheit.

The water from the hot water spring of Taptapani is channelized into a nearby pond which is open to the public for bathing. The water of the Taptapani spring is believed to have medical properties that can cure diseases of skin and body. The hot water spring of Taptapani is attributed with religious virtues and therefore a temple has also been built near the spring.


Deulajhari is a hot spring in the state of Orissa which attracts a number of tourists from all around the world. Surrounded by green velvety forests, the hot spring of Deulajhari is located very near Athamalik and Angul. The famed sulfur spring of Deulajhari stretches over a vast area and maintain a high degree of temperature.

The Deulajhari hot water spring originates from below a Shivalinga which attaches a distinct religious attribute to it. The hot water from the Deulajhari spring is collected into 36 man made ponds which circumscribe a Shiva Temple. 50 percent of the springs in the region are cold springs which lies attached to the hot springs, this very phenomenon is considered to be a miracle of nature. The waters of the Deulajhari hot spring is believed to contain medical properties that can heal a number of diseases and therefore travelers and pilgrims come here for curative and religious purposes.

Last Updated on : 30th March 2013

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