Puducherry Restaurants

Serving a delicious variety of delicacies the Pondicherry Restaurants provides a fabulous treat to the taste buds of tourists and the local inhabitants. Once a dominion of the French, Pondicherry and its environment still bears the imprints of the past colonial era. The restaurants of the Union Territory of Pondicherry reflects the sophisticated taste of the French rulers.

From Chinese and French to Indian and Japanese, the restaurants of Pondicherry are famous for dishing out a wide array of delectable menus. This is one of the main reasons behind the large number of global tourists flocking into this part of India round the year.

Some of the popular restaurants of Pondicherry that have made a name of their own are:

Pondicherry Le Cafe

Visited mainly by the local people, Pondicherry Le Cafe is a comfortable eatery corner of the place. Having a delectable array of snacks and soft drinks, Le Cafe of Pondicherry also provide a relaxed environment where the local inhabitants frequently go for eat out sessions.

Being one of the best known Pondicherry restaurants Le Cafe has earned a name of its own in the Union Territory. On the one hand the snacks are served fresh, on the other hand the prices are quite affordable. Cheap rates and hygienic food items are the two prime qualities of Le Cafe of Pondicherry that attracts large number of local visitors every day.

Located in the Goubert Avenue of Pondicherry, Le Cafe offers a magnificent overview of the adjoining sea. People who visit this Cafe are often mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the surroundings. Le Cafe is seen with crowds specially during the sunrise when the roaring sea waves and the brilliant sun rays create an enigmatic ambiance. Sometimes while touring the local places of Pondicherry, the tourists step into Le Cafe.

There are several other restaurants in Pondicherry but the specialty of Le Cafe lies in its flexible price format, hygienic delicacies and warm serving by the staffs of the place. Those who have once visited Le Cafe in Pondicherry want to go back again and again here.

Pondicherry Le Cafe is truly a perfect place to chill out with a plate of delicious snacks or a bottle of soft drinks and beverages.

Pondicherry Le Club

Pondicherry Le Club is regarded as one of the most exquisite restaurants of the Union Territory. Le Club of Pondicherry is not only popular for its exotic menu variations but also for the aristocratic ambiance that reminds the visitors of the bygone French era.

The edifice of Le Club in Pondicherry has been made in the French style. The villa of Le Club adorned with a floral garden space deliberately captures the imagination of all who care to visit the place atleast once. The culinary specialties of Le Club includes the exotic extravaganzas of French origin.

Some of the popular dishes that are served by Le Club in Pondicherry include grilled shrimps with basilic, norman chicken, bourride de poisson a la setoise, coq au vin, fish with peas, chateaubriand with bearnaise sauce, among many others. Then there are a range of mouth-watering desserts that are offered by Le Club of Pondicherry. Some of the Le Club special desserts are profiteroles, chocolate mousse, fondant chocolate and hot lemon cake.

The spacious white colored entrance space and the perfect French dialect of the staffs of Le Club make it inevitable among the Pondicherry restaurants. Also the entire environment of Le Club is such that it takes the visitors to new heights of ecstasy through its delicious food palates and out-of-the-world eating environs.

The price range of the food items in Le Club are within the reach of the regular visitors and more often than not the global tourists flock to this French restaurant to get a taste of something special.

Pondicherry Le Club is definitely a must-visit for all the connoisseurs of good food.

Pondicherry Le Terasse

Pondicherry Le Terasse restaurant is an excellent dining spot which stands in the Subbish Salai area of the Union Territory of India. Apart from its mouth-watering menu list, Le Terasse restaurant of Pondicherry is also popular for its spacious terrace.

Diners who visit Le Terasse restaurant get an exclusive opportunity to relish the exotic taste of the continental as well as Indian dishes along with the surrounding serenity that is an integral part of the place. The open terrace of Le Terasse is actually made for those who like to savor the multi-cuisine dishes with a pinch of the natural splendors of the eating zone.

The prime dishes offered by Le Terasse restaurant of Pondicherry include the names of Chinese soups, main meals and Indian menu. Be it fried rice, noodles or chicken and fish preparations, Le Terasse restaurant has it all that takes to satisfy the taste buds of the diners.

Fresh fruit juice varieties are yet another exclusive specialty of Le Terasse restaurant in Pondicherry. From grape and pineapple to tomato and carrot , restaurant Le Terasse offers a pure range of juices that are made by following strict hygiene norms. Visitors who frequently come to Le Terasse restaurant of Pondicherry have a penchant for these refreshing fruit juices.

Along with the quality of food items, Le Terasse restaurant also takes care of the price structure. Since the restaurant is visited by people of all classes hence the prices are kept within certain ranges which can be afforded by all sections. This is one of the major reasons why among the other Pondicherry restaurants Le Terasse has a distinct position in the Union Territory.

Dining in Pondicherry Le Terasse restaurant is surely a lifetime experience.

Pondicherry Aristo

Pondicherry Aristo restaurant is a prime eating zone which is erected in the Nehru street area. The special feature of Aristo restaurant in Pondicherry is its open air rooftop dining space which is adorned with a range of exotic floral specialties.

The Aristo restaurant of Pondicherry dishes out a wide variety of lip-smacking dishes that belongs to various global origins. Be it Chinese, American or inter-continental, the dishes at Aristo boasts of an unbelievably global taste. Some of the main meal options available in Aristo include chicken fried rice, prawn fried rice, different varieties of soups and several others. Also, the lassi or yogurt drink of Aristo is quite famous in Pondicherry.

The menu of Aristo restaurant in Pondicherry offers the diners a wide range of options. While one can opt for typical Indian plates, one can also order ethnic dishes of Pondicherry. Tourists who come from various corners of the world to explore the splendors of Pondicherry can get a number of continental dishes too.

The price range of all the food items served in the Aristo restaurant of Pondicherry is quite affordable and this is why the place is always buzzing with a never-ending crowd of diners. The interior of Aristo is tastefully embellished and provides a soothing dining experience to the visitors. Strategically located in one of the busiest places of Pondicherry Aristo restaurant is accessible from all parts of the Union Territory. Out of the several Pondicherry restaurants, Aristo is a significant one.

Pondicherry Aristo restaurant is undoubtedly an unforgettable dining destination.

Pondicherry Rendez-Vous

A renowned and appealing dining spot, Pondicherry Rendez-Vous restaurant is serving the diners with its exquisite array of dishes which ranges from Indian seafood and Creole to classic French delicacies. Established in the year of 1994, Rendez-Vous restaurant in Pondicherry boasts of around 250 different types of culinary specialties.

The main meal menu of Rendez-Vous restaurant in Pondicherry include such names as tiger prawns, lobster, Goan xacuti, chicken cordon bleu, fish curry, vegetable molee, parsi prawn curry, French onion soup, among many others. The seafood dishes are another enticing attraction of Rendez-Vous restaurant. Be it calamari, mussels, prawns or be it lobsters, halibut, clams, snappers and sole, each of these are equally tasty and demands special mention in the menu chart of Rendez-Vous restaurant.

The snacks and beverages are some of the other specialties of Restaurant Rendez-Vous in Pondicherry. From pastas and burgers to olive pizzas people can have a taste of every possible snack.

The bar of restaurant Rendez-Vous in Pondicherry is considered as one of the best stocked places where one can find a wide array of drinks and cocktails. Some of the variations offered by the bar of Rendez-Vous restaurant are wines, beer, scotch and whisky.

The dining environment of Rendez-Vous is regarded as one of the best among other Pondicherry restaurants. While the diners can go to the rooftop terrace which has been embellished with thatch covers and plants, people can also sit in the centrally air-conditioned dining space which is tastefully adorned with wall paintings.

Pondicherry Rendez-Vous restaurant is on its way to build a dining heritage.

Pondicherry Statsanga restaurant

Pondicherry Statsanga restaurant is one of those popular eating addresses of the Union Territory which specializes in Franco-Italian culinary. Being located in a prominent spot of Pondicherry, Statsanga restaurant receives huge number of diners throughout the day.

Restaurant Statsanga is beautifully adorned with an adjoining garden which helps in providing a scenic ambiance to the dining experience. Apart from local people, tourists who come to visit Pondicherry round the year are most often found in Satsanga restaurant.

The special menus of the restaurant Statsanga in Pondicherry include a variety of exotic dishes that bears the rich taste of the Franco-Italian genre. From calmar with white wine and seafood soup to profiteroles and noodles with herbs and garlic, Stasanga presents a lip-smacking array of dishes to the diners.

One of the culinary specialties of Statsanga restaurant which makes it a distinguished eatery zone is the terrine of duck in orange sauce. This dish is known as one of the unique varieties which is not easily available in other Pondicherry restaurants.

People coming in Statsanga restaurant of Pondicherry are assured of getting best of the mouth-watering dishes at an incredibly reasonable price limit. While the main courses are available from Rupees 50 to Rupees 200, starters can be ordered at Rupees 30 to Rupees 50. Such affordable food charges has made Statsanga restaurant one of the most-visited hotels of Pondicherry.

Pondicherry Statsanga restaurant in a way is just too perfect, both with respect to food and dining environment.

Pondicherry Statsanga restaurant

Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House of Pondicherry provides a magnificent view of the nearby sea. Aurobindo Ashram is the prime tourist appeal of Pondicherry. Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House is a part of this world-famous Ashram and is quite close to the place. For those who wish to visit the Ashram on a daily basis, it takes only around a 20 minutes of walking.

The main attraction of Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House in Pondicherry is the rooms all of which are aesthetically equipped with sea facing windows and balconies. There are both single and double-bedded rooms and also three and four bedded rooms are available in this guest house of Pondicherry.

The culinary menu of Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House involves breakfast, lunch and dinner variations. While the breakfast comprises of coffee, toast and omelette, square meals include both Indian and non-Indian dishes. The price of the dishes are within a specific limit and is suitable for all classes of people staying in the Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House of Pondicherry.

Since the guest house is associated with Sri Aurobindo Ashram so it is but natural that the place bears some of the exquisite traits that are not found in other stay-inns of Pondicherry. For one, Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House offers the facility of a meditation hall and a reading room both of which are quite unique. Apart from these, Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House also provides parking services and laundry facility. There is a garden area attached to Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House where people often take a stroll during the early morning and evening hours.

People who come to Pondicherry to visit the Ashram, often prefer to stay at Sri Aurobindo Park Guest House.

Pondicherry Restaurants are known for their elegant ambiance, tasty and hygienic dishes all of which come with a distinct taste, flavor and a comparatively reasonable price.

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