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*Map showing important tourist locations in Puducherry. Disclaimer

Puducherry Tourism

Puducherry the little Union Territory lies in the eastern side of the Indian Peninsula. The land boasts of a rich past. The legend has it that Puducherry was the abode of ancient sage Agastya. Apart from the myths, remnants of an ancient port and discovery Chola coins prove its past glories.

The history of modern Puducherry began with the arrival of the French in 1673. it became a part of Indian Union in 1954.

The land does not promise a stock of monuments as you travel to Puducherry. Despite being a seaside resort, it is different from typical beach resorts.

This is a place where history still lingers in its buildings and boulevards. The French legacy is evident in its landscaped town and imposing churches. People travel to Puducherry because of its ambience.

LocationSouthern part of India on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal
Bounded by Tamil Nadu on the North, West and South
LatitudeBetween 11°46' and 12°30' of North
LongitudeBetween 79°36' and 79°52' of East
Area492 Sqkms
ClimateWarm throughout the year
Max Temperature31.5°C
Min Temperature23.9°C
Average Annual Rainfall130 cms
Capital Puducherry
LanguagesTamil, English, French, Telugu and Malayalam
ReligionHindus, Christians, Muslims and very few Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists
Best Time to VisitOctober to March
ClothingCottons throughout the year

How to Reach Puducherry

Puducherry also called as Puducherry lies on the Coromandel Coast, located on India's southeastern coastline. The tiny land is a Union Territory. Once a French colony, Puducherry has a rich past. But today's Puducherry has bagged more fame due to the Auroville Ashram established by Rishi Aurovindo. The spiritual attraction mixes with the undulating waters of the Bay of Bengal and rich cultural heritage to make Puducherry an enchanting destination.

By Air

Puducherry has its own Airport which is located at Lawspet. To meet the increasing air travel demand a new terminal was inaugurated on 17 January 2013. This new terminal has scheduled flights to Bangalore and other major cities. Currently Spicejet is the only airline which is operating flights to Puducherry via Bangalore.

By Rail

Puducherry has its own Railway Station; which is connected by a broad gauge railway line from the five-way junction at Viluppuram and Chennai. There are express trains which connect Puducherry with other neighbouring cities and states.

By Road

Puducherry has a good road network and excellent infrastructure facilities. The union territory has a total road length of 2552 km. The state is well linked with national highway and state highways. The most convenient way to Puducherry is either from Chennai (150 km) and Bangalore (309 km).

Shopping in Puducherry

Shopping in Puducherry is a true delight since it is an octroi-free destination. Naturally the prices are quite rather cheap whatever you buy here. Puducherry does not have any local heritage of handicrafts. Now a days Aurobindo Ashram factory in Puducherry produces many articles, like: candles, incense sticks, paper etc, which have become as much as local specialties. These are quite popular with the tourists and make for good shopping in Puducherry.

Find Shopping mall in pondicherry

Activities in Puducherry

If you are an outdoor freak, then lots can be offered to you. Most of the activities can be found near the beaches. You can walk on the sands, swim in the sea, watch the sunset or simply take a river cruise. You can go boating on the Chunambar River and watch the scenic nature here. The dolphins play happily in the sea which is a treat to watch.

atue of Dupleix
  • French War Memorial

  • Hotels in Puducherry

    There is no dearth of hotels here. You can have a wide choice according to your budget. Accommodations can be found in deluxe hotels, mid-range hotels, budget accommodations, etc. You can also check out Aurbindo Ashram as a viable option as the stay is comfortable and the charges are less.

    Although there are plenty of hotels, book your room in advance. All the hotel rooms have AC's so there would be no problem for tourists as it is a hot and humid destination. More Detail...

    Puducherry cuisine

    You can expect delectable cuisine here. This is a very unique place where you will find food that has a blend of French and Tamil cuisine. The very subtle and delicate spices will make you hungry for more. The Indo-French style of food has given birth to various unique and tasty foods due to the blend of different cultures. The specialties that you will love here are the curried vegetables, coconut curry, soya dosa, Italian baked beans, assad, tandoori potato, stuffed cabbage, podanlangkal, and many more. Besides, there are many more native and original cuisines that you will love at the local restaurants here.

    This is the place where you can help yourself with mouth watering French baguettes, Bbioches, cakes, breads and pastries in French style. More Detail...

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