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Govt Women's College

The Govt Women's College is one of the most well known institutes that are situated in the town of Puri. There are a number of good colleges in the town and the Govt Women's College is one of them. This college of Orissa is quite popular among girl students of the entire state of Orissa.

The Govt Women's College of Puri provides good quality education to the students of the institute. One of the most important reasons for the name and fame of the Govt Women's College in Puri is the personalized attention that is given to all the students. The teachers are well reputed for their dedication towards work. Currently, the total number of faculty members of the Govt Women's College at Puri is 20 and the total strength of the students is 472. The college offers a number of educational courses to the students. The main degree courses that are on offer at the Govt Women's College are PUC, BA with honors and BA.

This college of Puri has a big role to play in the overall advancement of the women education in India. By providing quality education to the girls, this institute is immensely helping them in making a career of their choice.

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013