Rajkot Media

The entertaining and informative Rajkot Media keep the residents of the city updated with the latest news. Rajkot Radio Stations are part of the living media in Rajkot. Rajkot Newspapers form a part of the print media in Rajkot. The media industry of Rajkot is known to provide a wide array of services ranging from entertainment and news to sports.

A primary part of the media in Rajkot are the various print media organizations that publish newspapers in Hindi, English and Gujarati. The Akila News is one of the largest circulated newspapers of Rajkot. The daily evening newspaper is published in the local Gujarati language. Other Gujarati newspapers like the Gujarat Samachar and the Divya Bhaskar are also available in the local languages. On line news is also available on the Internet.

The Television channels of Rajkot are yet another important part of Rajkot media. With a number of local channels the Television industry of Rajkot provides a ready source of entertainment to the local inhabitants of Rajkot city. Transmission of the national channel, DD Gujarati is available in the city of Rajkot. Alpha TV Gujarati is also available in the city.

Providing updates on current affairs is one of the major functions of the Rajkot media. The events that take place in the city of Rajkot everyday are recorded, analyzed and presented to the people of the city by the efficient media industry of Rajkot.

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Last Updated on 07/06/2013