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Based at a distance of around 111 km towards the north of Raipur, the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur is a city cum the administrative head quarter of the district of Bilaspur. Apart from being the 2nd largest city of Chhattisgarh, it is even called the Nyayadhani or the Law Capital of this state of India.

Located on the river bank of the Arpa River, this city is bordered by lush greenery on the northern side and the Hasdeo Valley on the eastern part. The valley has got many coal mines as well. The rich and colorful culture of the place makes the inhabitants celebrate almost all the major festivals of the country. Apart from these, the city has got a number of places of natural beauty, historical importance as well as places of worship in and around it, all of which make it one of the favourite tourist destinations of the state. Being a famous and developed city of the Chhattisgarh state, Bilaspur is quite well connected to the other major cities of the nation by all the three main modes of transport like airways, railways and roadways.

Best Time to visit

Besides the summer season, when the temperature becomes very high making the weather a bit hot and dry, the climatic conditions of this city cum district remains quite pleasant during the rest of the year. Even during the monsoon season, this place receives medium rainfall. The best time to plan a trip to this Chhattisgarh city is anytime in the period in between the months of October and March.

Places to see in and around Bilaspur

This district of Bilaspur has got several places of visit which attract tourist from its neighborhood as well as from various parts of the Republic of India. Be it a place of historical importance or be it related to religious tourism the district has got all kinds of tourist attractions. The area is visited by people with varied interests. To name a few of the most popular places of interest in and around the city of Bilaspur are:
  • Amarkantak- This is the place from where the rivers Narmada and Son originated.

  • Janjigir- This is visited by people to see the incomplete temple which is dedicated to God Vishnu.

  • Kanan Pendari Smriti Van- This is one of the well maintained gardens of this city and has even got a zoo within its premises.

  • Khadia Dam- This dam is based in Lormi that is around 85 km away from Bilaspur and is famous for its natural resources.

  • Kharod- It is known for being the location of the Lakshmaneswar Temple.

  • Khutaghat Dam- It is a dam which is positioned in Ratanpur.

  • Mahamaya Temple- Located in the city of Mungeli this temple is devoted to Goddess Mahamaya.

  • Mallhar- This is a place of historical importance since it was visited by Xuanzang (the historian from China).

  • Pali- This place houses the temple of God Shiva.

  • Rani Sati Temple- Built by the Marwaris this religious place is famous for worshipping the Jhunjhunu Temple's deity.

  • Ratanpur- This place is frequented by the tourists to visit the Mahamaya Temple located there.

  • Shri Aiyyappa Mandir- This temple is located at Bhartiya Nagar near the Tifra over-bridge.

  • Singhpur Cave- The cave has got some beautiful paintings that date back to the pre-historic times.

  • Sirpur- It is the place which Xuanzang visited and became a place of historical interest.

  • Tala- Situated at a nearby distance of 20 km from the city this place is known for the idol of Rudra Shiva.

  • Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Arpa River Chhat Puja Ghat

  • Bilasa Tal

  • Bubble Island

  • Deor Temple

  • Didneswari Temple

  • Ghongapani Jalashya or Dam

  • Kabir Chobutara

  • Kanan Pendari Zoo

  • Konher Garden

  • Lord Rama Temple

  • Radhika Water Park

  • Ramkrishna Ashram

  • Vivekanand Garden

How to Reach Bilaspur

Nearest Airport

The Bilaspur Airport, which is positioned in Chakarbhatta at a nearby distance of about 10 km from the heart of the city in the nearest airport to this city of the Indian Republic.

Nearest Railway Station

Being the location of the South East Central Railway of India's zonal head quarter, the city has got one of the busiest railway stations of the state. The Bilaspur Railway Station is the most nearby railway station to the place.


A trip remains incomplete without the activity of shopping. This city cum district has even got good options for shop lovers. The place is known for its hand woven silk sarees, which is popularly called Kosa silk. These soft and colourful silk sarees are very much favored by the Indian women. Besides these, one can even buy the handcrafted items of the locality, which includes different pieces of art work, antique goods, handloom garments, jewelry and many more. Such items serve as the souvenir of the area. This region of the state is dotted with local markets that sell such products as well as metal wares, brass wares, woodcrafts, bamboo crafts, terracotta products, stone carvings etc. The Government emporiums are the best places to shop in. However, the names of some of the other popular market places in Bilaspur are as follows: Bilaspur Main Market, Gole Bazaar

Last Updated on: 14/10/2013