Tripura Fauna

There are many different types of Tripura fauna, which are one of the most valuable assets of the state. The fauna of Tripura mainly consists of the constituents of two subregions namely the Indo-Chinese and the Indo-Malayan sub-regions.

There are as many as four different wildlife sanctuaries in Tripura, which house a variety of fauna at Tripura. These sanctuaries are called Sepahijala Sanctuary, Gumti Sanctuary, Trishna Sanctuary and Rowa Sanctuary.

Many endangered wild animals of Tripura are found in the Sepahijala Sanctuary. One of the most important wild animals that are associated with this part of India, the spectacled langur, is found in the Sepahijala Sanctuary. There are as many as five different types of primates that are found at this place.

The names of these types of primates are pigtailed macaque, rhesus macaque, capped langur, slow lories and spectacled langur. A wide range of fauna at Tripura are found at this sanctuary. Some of the most important species of wild animals that are found here are clouded leopard, leopard and jungle fowl. Many other wild animals of Tripura also live here like barking deer, civet and wild pig.

The wild animals of the Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary include bison, elephant, sambar, wild goat and barking deer. The Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary has many different types of wild beasts and primates. The Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary houses a variety of wild animals like deer, Indian gaur or bison, hooklock gibbon, capped langur, pheasants and golden langur.

Therefore, there is a variety of Tripura fauna, which is one of the main attractions for the tourists who come to visit the state.

Last Updated on 03/13/2013