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In the north eastern part of India, Agartala is the capital city of Tripura.Surrounded by Bangladesh, Agartala boasts of the rich flora & fauna. Agartala is the commercial center of that region, famous for rice, tea, jute, and oilseed.

Agartala is the capital of Tripura. The little state is tucked away in the remote northeastern corner of India.

Although Agartala presents a curious mix of with its rich history, royal legacy and archaeological sites

it still lies away from the focus of global traveler. Since not many people travel to Agartala, the place retains its unspoilt glory.

A travel to Agartala would take you to the land where an unbroken lineage of kings has ruled the land for the last 2,000 years. The Manikya kings had a stronghold on this tiny strip of ancient land. But modern day Indian identifies Agartala as the place where the legendary musician SD Burman roamed and created a wealth of haunting melodies.

The magnificent Ujjayanta Palace greets you as you travel to Agartala. Its Mughal style Gardens, high-ceiling corridors and elaborately carved wooden doors unfold for you another glorious chapter of Indian kings.

Travel to Agartala to visit the Kunjaban Palace (link to Tourist Attractions in Agartala page), which still basks in the memory of Rabindra Nath Tagore. The scenic Neer Mahal Palace on an island amid the Rudra Sagar Lake may awaken the poet in you.

Best time to Travel Agartala

September to March

How to Reach Agartala

Agartala is the capital of the Indian state Tripura. Located in the exotic northeast of India, Agartala boasts of splendid natural beauty with a feel of history. Although reaching Agartala is not a big deal, it has continues to remained off the beaten track, which has actually helped in retaining its unspoilt charm.

By Air

Agartala, the capital of Tripura, has an airport if its own. The domestic airport is connected to other airports like Kolkata, Guwahati. Several private and public airlines operate regular flights to and from Agartala. Since Tripura is located close to the neighboring country of Bangladesh, it is easy to reach Agartala from Dhaka (link to Bangladesh page).

By Road

A good network of roads connect covers Agartala. The city is located at close distances from the notable cities in the northeastern India, like: Guwahati (599kms), Aizawl (374kms), Shillong (487kms), Silchar (317kms) and so on.

By Rail

The nearest rail station from Agartala is Kumarghat (140kms). It is linked to Guwahati, which serves as almost the gateway to the northeastern India and is connected to many important cities in India. Several trains like: B.G. Express, Cachar Express and Barak Valley Express service this station

Shopping in Agartala

Everyone wants to take back some souvenirs and gifts for the near and dear ones from a great holiday. So if there is not much to shop in the destination traveled, it is a bit disappointing. But Agartala would not disappoint you anyway.

Actually, shopping in Agartala is a pleasant experience for the avid shopper. The region has a rich tradition of handicrafts.

The vast forestland that covers the region produces a wealth of wood and bamboo, which serve as the raw material of the traditional handicrafts. Clay and palm leaves are also popular medium for crafts.

The ace craftsmen of Agartala and around make exquisite artifacts from cane, bamboo, clay, palm leaves and an admixture of all these.

Watch out for Tablemats, floor mats, room dividers while shopping in Agartala. Made of bamboo or cane, these utilities are durable and have aesthetic value.

Decorated lampshades, wall panels and furniture are popular items for shopping in Agartala. You may also pick up such items to embellish your home interior. Tripura also boasts of hand-woven fabrics. The variety of designs and colors may leave you spoilt for choice.

There are lots of places for shopping in Agartala. Drop in at the government run shopping outlets like travel-agartala, which offers authentic artifacts and reasonable prices. You may also explore numerous private shops in the main market area.

Places to Visit in Agartala
  • Ujjayanta Palace
  • Kunjaban Palace
  • Pilak & Venuban Vihara