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Uttarakhand Civil Service Exams

Uttarakhand Civil Service Exams is conducted by the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission. It is the nodal examination for recruitment to the administrative posts of the government which is held every year. The number of vacancies in various capacities are declared beforehand. Uttarakhand Civil Service Exams select candidates for appointment to some of the most top-notch government jobs at various administrative levels in the state. The Civil Service Exams of Uttarakhand are conducted under the umbrella of the Indian Public Service Commissions.

Posts under the Uttarakhand Civil Service Exams

Some of the main posts to which candidates are recruited through the Uttarakhand Civil Service Exams are as follows:

  • Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies.
  • District Employment Officer.
  • State Police Service, Class-I (SPS)
  • Tehsildar/Talukadar/Assistant Collector.
  • District Treasury Officer.
  • District Food and Supplies Controller/Officer.
  • State Civil Service, Class - I (SCS)
  • Block Development Officer.
  • District Welfare Officer.
  • Excise and Taxation Officer.
There are also a few other posts to which recruitment is done through the Civil Service Exams in Uttarakhand. They are dictated by the specific requirements of the state.

The basic educational qualifications for the Civil Service Exams at Uttarakhand are similar to the Indian Administrative Service Examination. Although the examination is comparatively new to the other state level civil service exams, yet it is extremely competitive.

Last Updated on 4 March 2013