Uttarakhand Board Intermediate (12th) Exam Date Sheet 2020

Uttarakhand Board Class 12th Time Table 2020
02/03/2020Monday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Hindi, Agriculture (Hindi-Part II)
04/03/2020Wednesday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Indian Music (Singing),Indian Music (Melodic playing),Indian Music (Percussion playing),
05/03/2020Thursday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.English
06/03/2020Friday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Agricultural Science Paper-l (only for Agriculture Part-l), Agricultural Science Paper-Vl (only for Agriculture Part-ll)
07/03/2020Saturday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Home Science, Business Education
12/03/2020Thursday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Political Science, Physics, Agricultural botany Paper-ll (only for Agriculture Part-l),Agricultural economics science Paper-Vll (only for Agriculture Part-ll)
14/03/2020Saturday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Psychology, Logic, Pedagogy, Accountancy
16/03/2020Monday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.History, Chemistry, Agricultural physics and climate Paper-lll (only for Agriculture Part-l),Agricultural animal science Paper-Vlll (only for Agriculture Part-ll)
17/03/2020Tuesday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Drawing and Painting
18/03/2020Wednesday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Economics
20/03/2020Friday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Military Science, Computer Science, Agricultural engineering Paper-lV (only for Agriculture Part-l),Agricultural animal husbandry and Veterinary Science Paper-lX (only for Agriculture Part-ll)
21/03/2020Saturday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Mathematics, Sociology
23/03/2020Monday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Urdu, Punjabi, Sanskrit
24/03/2020Tuesday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Biology, Agricultural mathematics & Initial statistics Paper-V (only for Agriculture Part-l), Agricultural Chemistry Paper-X (only for Agriculture Part-ll),
25/03/2020Wednesday10:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M.Geography, Geography Science

Last Updated on : January 10, 2020

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