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There is a saying that 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach'; the varied mouth-watering food delights prepared in Uttarakhand vividly exemplifies this phrase. The state of Uttarakhand caters an entire caboodle of salivating food delicacies to satiate the hunger of the food-enthusiasts with varied tastes.

The food items of Uttarakhand are bestowed with an unique quality that makes them very nutritious and well beseemed to the taste-buds; that is, they are primarily cooked over charcoal or burning wood. This characteristic feature precisely demarcates the food items of Uttarakhand from the cuisine hailing from the rest of the country.

Although the residents of Uttararkhand prefer a purely vegetarian meal, a major bulk of the inhabitants also bask food recipes readied from mutton or chicken. The cuisine descending from the Kumouni region bears an uncanny lineament; that is milk or milk related products are seldom used as ingredients in cooking their food. The reason behind this bizarre trend is the fact the topological features of the area do not permit the hill cows to manufacture milk of the finest quality.

Alike numerous locales of India, the prime staple food is rice. However, the residents of the Pahari region prefer lentils. Food items like 'bhatt' a type of soybean, 'kulath' or rust brown gahat, 'badis' or humongous spheres of dried urad dal and 'mangodi' prepared in an identical fashion using moong dal instead are local favorites that aid the occupants to combat the spine-chilling winters. Other favorites are Mundua and Linguda. The cooking medium frequently used is either ghee or mustard oil.

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Garhwal Ka Fannah

The heavenly delectable locale of Mussorie has something to cater to both the thirsty eyes as well as the hungry stomach. Garhwal Ki Fannah happens to be just such a salivating delicacy that will leave you craving for more. Owing to its enchanting aroma and divine taste, Garhwal Ki Fannah has conquered a lasting spot in the menu cards of every major occasion feted in the state of Uttarakhand.


Among the wide range of nutritious preparations that has gifted an entirely new identity to the state of Uttarakhand, Kafuli is arguably the most nourishing and health conscious dish. Kafuli owes this feature solely to the fact that it is principally prepared from lush green leafy vegetables that are prescribed by all the doctors.


It is renowned as one of the most sought-after desserts that has originated in the state of Uttarakhand. Arsa in Uttarakhand occupies a permanent position in every household of the state of Uttarakhand. Its heavenly sweet taste and low calorific value makes it the choice of many health conscious people. The glory of special occasions like marriages and festivals is enhanced due to the magnanimous presence of arsa.

Bhatt Ki Churdkani

The occupants of Uttarakhand just love to spend their coveted weekends in the cozy comforts of home and satiate their hunger by devouring the most exotic dish of Uttarakhand, Bhatt Ki Churdkani. Being also spelled as 'Churkaani', Bhatt Ki Churdkani augments the glory and charm of many occasions and festivals feted in the state of Uttarakhand.

Being prepared from black bhatt blended with rice paste and ordinary flour, Bhatt Ki Churdkani also has a very high nutritive value. Bhatt Ki Churdkani is bestowed with all the various essential elements like vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc.


It is a mouth-watering delicacy originating in Uttarakhand that is chiefly prepared from dals or lentils like 'Chainsoo'. Phaanu is indeed so delicious and appetizing that it holds an uncanny position in the hearts of the occupants of Uttarakhand. Since, the salivating dish of Phaanu is chiefly manufactured from lentils, it also has ample measures of vitamins and minerals that are essentialy need by every individual.


It serves to be one of the most sought-after culinary delights that precisely demarcates Uttarakhand from other Indian states with respect to cuisine. Rus is also rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals that are required for the proper functioning of human body. Rus is also an alluring treat meant to satiate the taste buds of people with different tastes.


It is a truly exquisite dish that has charmed the inhabitants of the state of Uttarakhand from time immemorial by virtue of its tongue tingling taste and rejuvenating aroma. Baadi is also bequeathed with all the chief nutrients that execute the various activities of our body. These include vitamins like vitamin B12 and Vitamin A, whose deficiency leads to a dreaded condition known as 'Night Blindness' and various minerals as well.


Uttarakhand is known for its distinctive food items, one of which is Gulgula of Uttarakhand. This dish is one of the sweet preparations that are highly popular with visitors and tourists to the area. Gulgula of Uttrakhand may basically be described as a sweet local snack made of jaggery, which originated in the Garhwal region.

The preparation of gugula in Uttarakhand involves the use of extremely basic ingredients that are found in the immediate vicinity of the inhabitants of the region. It is a significant addition to the richness of delicious desserts made in various parts of Northern India.

Kandalee Ka Saag

Uttarakhand is known for its distinctive food items, one of which is Kandalee Ka Saag. This dish is one of the vegetable preparations that are highly popular with visitors and tourists to the area. Kandalee Ka Saag is actually a green leafy vegetable dish, prepared in the way you would cook any other green vegetables. The leaves are regionally known as 'Bichhu Ghas' and are plucked when they are young.

A great number of people in Uttrakhand are vegetarian in diet. The highly nutritious kandalee ka saag of Uttarakhand feature prominently in their diet. It is also great loved by the visitors to this magic land in the lap of the Himalayas.

Mandua ki Roti

Uttarakhand is known for its characteristic food items, one of which is Mandua ki roti of Uttarakhand. This dish is highly popular with visitors and tourists to the area. Mandua ki roti of Uttarakhand is usually served as the main course.

Mandua Ki Roti in Uttarakhand happens to be the local term for chappatis which are made from the cereal called Mandua. Uttarakhand'a mandua ki roti is one of the principal type of main courses native to the Uttarakhand region and representative of the local cuisine.


It is a sweet and salty dish, which is usually served as an accompaniment to the main meals. Initially, no salt or sugar is added to the Palau, but you can choose to use the salt or sugar according to your individual taste. The dish is a favorite of the visitors to the state, and is largely relished by the local inhabitants as well.

Palau is specialty of Uttarakhand, and is scarcely found anywhere else in its true form. It involves the use of local ingredients, especially the jhangora that is a cereal found exclusively of the slopes of Uttarakhand. The ingredients required to prepare the dish known as palau of Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand is known for its characteristic food items, one of which is swala of Uttarakhand. This dish is one of the sweet preparations that are very popular with visitors and tourists to the area.
Swala of Uttarakhand is a familiar dish that is an essential component if one seeks to prepare a comprehensive list of dishes which would represent the local cuisine.

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