Bhavnagar Industry

Bhavnagar industry is the backbone of this city in Gujarat. The industries are well developed and distributed all across the city. The metal industries are prominent in the city. However, the diamond cutting and polishing industry has a special position in Bhavnagar since it is the biggest industry. The city encourages both small and large scale industries and receives the required help from the government.

Bhavnagar Industry is well developed and employs a large number of the city population. Bhavnagar's international claim to fame is the Alang ship recycling yard. This shipping industry of Bhavnagar is famous all over the world since it is the biggest ship breaking yard. Besides this there a number of large and small-scale industries spread across the whole of Bhavnagar. Bhavnagar is also home to other industries like the chemical, steel, plastic, foundry and rubber industry. A good portion of the manufactured products are exported to the other countries of the world. The ship dismantling industry also provides employment for the nautical traders, ship brokers and cash purchasers.

Alang the largest ship breaking industry is situated in Bhavnagar which receives all the advantage due to its proximity with the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Cambay. It recycles about 50% of the destroyed ships of the world. Bhavnagar is soon transforming itself into the IT hub of Gujarat.

Growth in Tourism Industry

The city has a lot to offer to tourists. There are temples, parks and other sites which are a must watch for the travelers. The colorful Gujarati culture unfurls in front of the visitors gradually as one goes out on a sight seeing. The Jain temples in Shatrunjaya hills and the Blackbuck National Park are famous tourist destinations in Bhavnagar. The tourism industry in Bhavnagar has developed based on these attractions.

Bhavnagar is a small city in Gujarat. However, the industries are well developed and the city provides employment to the population in these industries.

Blackbuck National Park

Last Updated on 23 July 2012



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