Haridwar by Train

For the millions of tourists, pilgrims, devotees and visitors, reaching Haridwar by train is a very convenient option. The Haridwar Railway Station is well connected with major cities and towns of the country. Some of the important trains that pass through the Haridwar Junction are:

  • Janshatbdi Express
  • Ujjaini Express
  • Dehradun Indore Express
  • Uttaranchal Express
  • Dehradun Madras Express
  • Sangam Express
  • Upasana Express
  • Haridwar Allahabad Express
  • Gorakhpur Dehradun Express
  • Hemkunt Express
  • Dehradun Shatabdi
  • Doon Express
  • Mussoorie Express
  • Utkal Express
  • Dehradun Kathgodam Express

    Traveling by train, the distance of Haridwar from some major cites are given below:
    • Lucknow 475 Kilometers
    • Delhi 199 Kilometers
    • Meerut 129 Kilometers
    • Agra 365 Kilometers
    The Haridwar railway station provides all the facilities in accordance with the major railway stations in India. Starting from computerized ticket counters, waiting rooms, pay and use toilets to snacks bar, the Haridwar railway station is well equipped.

    Last Updated on 17th Oct 2012



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