Kovalam, Kerala

The god's own country never ceases to surprise with its enchanting lands and Kovalam, Kerala is not an exception to this pleasing fact. Situated in the south eastern fringes of the state, Kovalam, Kerala has a geographical location of north latitude 8º05' to east longitude 77º15'.

Once a sleepy hamlet, Kovalam in Kerala was a fishing area surrounded by stretches of coconut trees. In fact, the word 'Kovalam' means 'the coconut grove'. The then serene beach of Kovalam has today emerged as one of the most exciting beaches of the country. Much of its glamour owes to the Maharajah of Travancore, the man who made the beach popular.

Kovalam with its fun filled beach life, abundance of greenery and some lovely sites has deservingly turned into a hot tourist destination. The Kovalam beach is apparently a place with the shape of a new moon. Divided in three prominent parts, the Kovalam beach attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. The three parts of the beach are:

  • The Light house Beach - the southern beach with an imposing light house is the most popular one
  • The Hawa Beach - the beach with a lot of activities forms the middle part. The beach is mostly inhabited by the local fishermen
  • The northern beach - the serene and laid back beach. A perfect place to sit idle and relax
  • The most admirable fact about Kovalam is that although it is crowded by tourists and visitors all through the year, it has managed to retain its natural enamor.


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