Tsunami Hits Nagapattnam

Tsunami Hits Nagapattnam

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Tremors and Tidal Wave  - Tsunami Hits Nagapattnam District
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*Tsunami Hits Nagapattnam Disclaimer

Nagore, Nagapattinam, Velanganni, Tiruppundi, Ettukkudi, Melamarudur, Tagattur, Topputturai, Vedaranniyam, Tarangambadi, Tillaiyadi, Poompuhar, Tiruvengadu, Vaithisvarankoil, Tirumullaivasal, Maharajapuram, Anaikkaranchattram, Kollidam, Sirkazhi, Manamodu, Tiruindalu, Mayiladutural, Kutralam

Help Line Numbers
An Emergency Control Room has been set up in New Delhi. It would be headed by Dr. P. Ravinderan, Director of Emergency Medical Relief. The Control Room telephones are: 011-23017457 and 011-23017302.

Name : Shri. M Veera Shanmughamoni, IAS
Address : District Collector, Collectorate
                Public Office Road, Nagapattinam 611003
Phone    : 04365-252700
Email     : collector@nagai.tn.nic.in
Fax      : 04365-253086

Affected Areas
Andhra Pradesh
Andaman and
Nicobar Islands

Tamil Nadu Kerala

Tremors and Tidal Wave Hits South India
Tremors and Tidal waves hits South India, Large Scale devastation reported.

Over 1000 killed as Tsunami hits Eastern and South coastal areas in India. Over a thousand people have been killed in tidal waves in Tamil Nadu, Guntur and Tamil Nadu.
Tamil Nadu was the "worst affected" with possibly over 800 people killed.

At least 350 people have been confirmed dead in Tamil Nadu with over 100 people dead in Chennai alone.
As many as 239 people have been killed in Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, while in Nagapatnam, the number of dead has been confirmed as 273.
The Nuclear Power station in Kalapakkam near Chennai has been safely shut down after water entered it. The casualty figure could rise further as many fishing villages were submerged in seawater.

About 500 tourists are reportedly stranded in the Vivekananda Memorial in Kanyakumari.

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