Mathura to Agra

Traveling from Mathura to Agra is easiest in train or luxury buses. There are frequent trains from Mathura to Agra reaching in around one hour. Agra is situated 50 km south east of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Reaching Agra from Mathura requires no more than two and half hours in car.

Many tours are conducted from Mathura Agra, since this place is the nearest most popular tourist attraction of India. Mathura is best known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the God worshiped by the Hindus in India. Just by a short car or coach ride, the tourists can see the most renowned cultural heritage and Islamic architectural masterpieces Agra.

Agra is famous for the wonder of the world 'Taj Mahal' and Agra Fort. There are many more attractions in Agra, in the outskirts like the Akbar's Tomb, Fatehpur Sikri and Bharatpur. Mathura is considered to be a must visit place for the people who come to Agra. This holy city for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains have been like a twin gem, situated close to the place featuring the best creation on the earth.

Mathura is one of the vital stations on the Delhi-Agra and Delhi-Mumbai main rail lines. There are two bus terminus in Mathura, which has bus to Agra in every hour. Mathura to Agra is a journey , which the tourists always aspire. It is considered to be a complete pilgrimage and vacation tour if both the unique cities are covered.

Last Updated on : 09/05/2013



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