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Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna, is located in Uttar Pradesh on the west of the river Yamuna. Besides being a Hindu pilgrimage, this north-Indian city is the centre for administration of the Mathura District. Mathura encompasses a total area of 3,800 sq. km. Mathura is popularly known as the "Brajbhoomi", the sacred land of Lord Krishna. The city lies 145 km to the south east of Delhi and 58 km to the north west of Agra, Uttar pradesh. Mathura attracts many tourists and pilgrims through out the year. Every nook and corner of the city reverberates with the music of flute that was played by Lord Krishna in his youth. Mathura has many legendary and historical stories attached to it which makes the place all the more special.


The city of Mathura has a rich history. According to the historians, the place was ruled by the Solar and Lunar dynasties. In the traditional times, Mathura was an important point of cultural civilization. The city reflects a combined culture of India, Indo- Scythian and Hellenistic traditions. The Mathura School of Art is one of the important school that was famous for its own style and creativity.

Places of Tourist Interest

Mathura is a famous tourist destination that takes the tourists far away from the materialistic world to the world of faith and devotion. Some of the important places of tourist interests are:
  • Shri Krishana Janma Bhoomi- This sacred place is thronged by tourists from all religions all through the year
  • Vishram Ghat- This is the place where Lord Krishna took rest after killing his maternal uncle, Kansa
  • Gita Mandir- This temple represents the creativity of Mathura School of Art
  • Dwarkadheesh Temple- This Temple is the main center of attraction
  • Government Museum- The museum has the rare collection of artifacts of the Gupta and the Kushan period
Love and devotion rules the city of Mathura which gives the place a colorful and vibrant look.

Travel to Mathura

Mathura, the place of Krishna devotees, houses a number of temples, ghats and ancient Kunds, which depicts the diverse episodes of Lord Krishna's life. The spectacular view of the daily evening aarti and oil lamps floating over Yamuna is something one need not miss while staying in Mathura. The tourist attractions reflecting the religious importance of Mathura are:
  • Krishnajanmabhoomi
  • Dwarikadheesh Temple
  • Jai Gurudev Ashram
  • Durvasa Rishi Ashram
  • Vishram Ghat (Mathura's main ghat)
  • Kans Tila
  • Bhooteshwar Mahadev Mandir
  • Rangeshwar Mahadev Mandir
Besides these, some of the famous Krishna festivals are held in Mathura with great joy and enthusiasm. The most popular among them is the Krishna Janmashtami held in August or September depending upon the yearly calendar. The other festivals in Mathura include:
  • Holi in March-April
  • Latha Mar Holi in March-April
  • Radhaastami in September
  • Yam Dwitiya in October-November
Some of the other festivals include:
  • Nandotsav
  • Akshaya Tritiya
  • Ram Navami
  • Ful Dol
  • Devi Sita Appearance

How to reach Mathura

Mathura, being one of the seven holiest Hindu cities in India, is well-connected to all the neighboring and other metropolitan cities. The city is directly connected to the different national locations by road and railways.

By Road
Mathura is inter-linked to other districts of Uttar Pradesh by its state transport service. Proximity to several National Highways and Yamuna Expressway keeps the place connected to the different Indian cities. National Highways connecting Mathura to other cities are:
  • NH 3 connects to Mumbai
  • NH 11 connects to Ajmer
  • NH 93 connects to Moradabad (Agra)
Besides this, the state transport system from the nearby states like Rajasthan, Chandigrah, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana serves Mathura. Apart from the 120 buses run from the Mathura bus depot, numerous direct buses are run to Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Udaipur, Jaipur, Lucknow, Delhi, Kanpur, Haridwar, Meerut etc. Intercity bus facility has been made available by JnNurm. Private taxi services are even available there.

By Rail
Mathura, with its four railway stations, smoothly connects to the rest of the state and country by railways. Mathura Junction is the busiest railway station there, which connects the place to the north, south and western India. Local trains for Agra, Alwar and Delhi are available from Bhooteshwar station. Mathura Cantt. serves the eastern Uttar Pradesh whereas, Krishnajanmabhoomi station connects Mathura to Vrindavan. Trains plying in from the city are:
  • Bhopal Shatabdi
  • Grand Trunk Express
  • Jhelum Express
  • Karnataka Express
  • Punjab Mail
By Air
Though Mathura does not have its own airport yet but is connected to the major Indian cities by the Delhi International Airport. Located at 147 km drive from Mathura, it is the nearest airport to the city. It takes around 9 hrs to reach Mathura by road from this airport. Mathura's own airport, which is presently under construction, will soon start operating.

Last Updated on : July 04, 2013