Mathura Junction Railway Station

Mathura Junction Railway Station is totally managed and controlled by the North Central Railways. Mathura Junction Railway Station in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh is situated just four kilometers from the old city and the Holy gate.

Some of major trains such Kerala Express, Eranakulam-Nizamuddin Mangala Lakshadweep Express, Pune-Jammu Tawi Jhelum Express, Bhubaneshwar-Nizamudin Hirakud Express and Indore-Dehradun Express as pass through this station.

Mathura Junction Railway Station Services

  • The transportation facilities available from the Mathura Junction Railway Station are excellent. The tourists can hire auto rickshaw,taxis and private cars from the station itself.

  • The tourist information center in the station provides all the necessary information to the travelers. Information regarding the arrival and departure of trains are readily available from the information center. The railway station also has computerized reservation facility.

  • There are a number of book stalls,food stalls and stationaries for the travelers. Tea and coffee stalls are also present in the station.

  • The station has waiting and guest rooms for the travelers. The travelers can take rest and also keep their luggages safely in the rooms.

  • There are porters available for carrying the luggage of the travelers.

Last Updated on : 09/05/2013



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