Nagpur Pin Code

Basically, Nagpur pin code serves to be numbering given to the post office or simply the post code system used for the convenience of the Indian Postal Service. The word 'pin' is an abbreviated form of postal index number. Nagpur pin code like the pin codes possessed by other Indian cities is 6-digits long.

The entire concept of pin codes came into existence on the eventful day of 15th August, 1972. The primary objective behind the formulation of the pin code of Nagpur and other Indian cities was to assist the postal department in delivering letters and other related stuff without much difficulty. With the help of the postal pin code of Nagpur, the different regions of this technologically sound city were demarcated.

The maiden digit of the pin code in Nagpur symbolizes the location of the region in which a particular post office comes under. The second digit of the pin code narrows down the sub-region in which that post office is situated. The third digit precisely indicates the district in which the post office is sited. The last 3 digits specify the particular post office located in the vicinity of that region.

The pin codes of the different regions in Nagpur are mentioned below:-
  • Nagpur City : 440002

  • Nagpur Pratap Nagar : 440022

  • Nagpur GPO : 440001

  • Nagpur Shankar Nagar : 440010

  • Nagpur Khamla : 440025

  • Nagpur Ajni Post Office : 440003
For any other queries regarding pin codes, letters and other staff, you can use the contacts mentioned below:-
  • Pin Code Enquiry 532440
  • Speed Post Centre, G.P.O. 533575
  • Telegrams 522531
  • Fax G.P.O. 524079
  • Telex 525009
  • Postal Enquiry 525362
  • Central Telegraphic Office (C.T.O.) 524411

Last Updated on 9/26/2011



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