Nagpur Railway Stations

The different Nagpur railway stations are very well-connected to all the four major metropolitan cities in the country. Thus, this Indian city is very easily accessible from any distant corner of the nation. Another advantage possessed by the Nagpur railway stations is that all its railway tracks are constructed from the use of electrified broad gauze railway tracks. This feature of the railway stations in Nagpur decreases the chances derailment and other unprecedented accidents.

Since the railway station at Nagpur is situated approximately at the center, it serves to be one of the most important railway junctions on the southeastern and central railway lines. There are many small railway stations in Nagpur city, but the major and most famed one is Nagpur

  • Kalamna
  • Khapri
  • Kamptee
  • Ajni
  • Itawari

    These railway stations in Nagpur provide an easy access to the various areas and tourist attraction spots which beleaguers Nagpur city. If you are scheduled to jaunt to the dazzlingly beautiful locale of Nagpur, you can get all the necessary information and book tickets from the contacts mentioned below:-

    • IVRS 134
    • Manual 135
    Railway Inquiry:
    • Manual 131, 548261/2/3
    • Recorded 1331, 523521/2
    • IVRS 1332
    South Eastern Railway:
    • Divl. Railway Manager 526939
    • Divl. Comml. Manager 526868
    Central Railway:
    • Divl Railway Manager 524622
    • Sr. Divl Comml. Manager 538480
    • Station Manager 532597

    Last Updated on 9/26/2011



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