Nagpur Telephone Directory

The Nagpur telephone directory is basically a phone book which lists names and contact details of the various telephone subscribers, sorted out according to their geographical location. The names are displayed in the alphabetical order in the Nagpur telephone directory and directories of other cities as well. This is to ensure that there are no confusions and any random person can search out any telephone number without facing much difficulty.

Along with the telephone number and name, the postal address of the subscriber is also provided in the telephone directory of Nagpur. Generally, the mobile phone numbers and the voice over IP are excluded from the telephone directories of most of the countries. On special request and the payment of a certain fee, the names and contact details of any individual can be removed from the telephone directory.

Nagpur Telephone Code

The telephone code that must be dialed while calling a person in Nagpur is 0712. This is the STD code of Nagpur. This 4 digit code has to be dialed every single time before dialing the telephone number of the person in Nagpur obtained from the telephone directory in Nagpur.

Some of the important numbers mentioned in the telephone directory at Nagpur are mentioned below:-


  • ACP Sitabuldi 626906
  • DCP 521221

  • Nagrik Sahakari. 534044,525508
  • CIIMS 534741 544946 KRIMS
  • Lata Mangeshkar 530347
  • KRIMS 551188

  • Shat Ayu 534041, 547162
  • Avanti Inst. Of Cardiology 522408, 552809
  • Suretech Apollo 544855, 544882
Fire Brigade:

  • Fire Station, Sakkardara 745354
  • Fire Exchange 101, 533333

Last Updated on 9/26/2011



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