Wrestling in India

The performance of India in wrestling in the year 2009 has been dominated by the wonderful feat of Sushil Kumar. After winning bronze in Beijing Olympics in 2008, Sushil carried forward his success to 2009 to win gold at German Grand Prix. Besides Sushil, four other wrestlers also won medals at the championship. India also dominated the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships in Jalandhar, making a clean sweep in the men’s freestyle competition as it won all the seven gold medals. Besides, India also won three silver medals and four bronze medals in the championship.

The Performances

Name Medal Category
German Grand Prix Sushil Kumar Gold 66 kg

Rahul Balasaheb Gold 55 kg

Rajiv Tomar Silver 120 kg

Ramesh Kumar Bronze 74 kg

Ravinder Singh Bronze 60 kg Greco-Roman
Sardinia Wrestling Tournament

Anil Kumar Silver 55 kg

Hardeep Singh Silver 60 kg

Anil Kumar Silver 96 kg Greco-roman

Naresh Kumar Bronze 84 kg

Joginder Kumar Bronze 120 kg
Commonwealth Wrestling Championship

Vinod Kumar Gold 55 kg

Anil Kumar Silver 55 kg

Rahul Mann Gold 60 kg

Rajneesh Bronze 60 kg

Narsingh Yadav Gold 74 kg

Sumit Silver 74 kg

Rambir Gold 84 kg

Naresh Kumar Bronze 84 kg

Mausam Khatri Gold 96 kg

Anil Mann Bronze 96 kg

Sushil Kumar Gold 66 kg

Dhanker Amit Bronze 66 kg

Rajiv Tomar Gold 120 kg

Joginder Kumar Silver 120 kg

Major Players

  • Sushil Kumar
  • Rajiv Tomar
  • Naresh Kumar
  • Vinod Kumar
  • Ramesh Kumar
  • Yogeshwar Dutt

Award Winners

Winner Award
Yogeshwar Dutt Arjuna Award
Sushil Kumar Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
Satpal Singh Dronacharya Award



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