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India, besides being a land of history, culture, arts and heritage, is also the land of sports. India has excelled in various sports, especially in cricket, hockey, chess, tennis and archery etc. India is also the land that has given birth to various form of recreation and sports.

It's the place where sports like chess, cards, snakes and ladders, polo, and martial arts like Judo and Karate were originated from and later transmitted to other parts of the world. Sport in India is a huge enthusiasm; it's a dream for a lot of sportspersons; it's a craze for thousands of spectators. There are a number of places across the country that have successfully associated themselves with the world of Indian sports and hence, have come up as bright spots in the Indian sports maps. Let's explore those and learn more about sports in India.

While talking about Indian sports, one must start with Cricket - the most popular sport in India. They say, cricket is not a sport, but a religion in India. The whole country vibrates with the enthusiasm of the game. While Mumbai and Bangalore are the most popular places that have produced a number of successful Indian cricketers, on the other hand, Kolkata is the place which is known for its cricket enthusiasm. It is also the home of one of the greatest cricket stadiums in the world - the Eden Gardens. However, besides Eden, there are a number of big cricket stadiums spread across the country. Kolkata, along with Goa, is also the hub of Indian Football. India also has a number of football stadiums, which are also the destinations for various athletic competitions.

Another popular India sport is Hockey, which also creates lots of enthusiasm among the Indian sports lovers. India also holds an impressive record in Hockey in the Olympics. Tennis too has become quite popular in India these days. India is also the place where one can find a wide array of adventure sports like skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, trekking etc. So, explore the Indian sports maps and know Indian sports in detail.

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