Major Industries in Surat

Major industries in Surat play an important role in shaping the economy of India. Most of the important industries of the country are located in this part. The industrial area in Surat is mainly occupied by textile industries. The textile industries in Surat are associated with production of yarn as well as manufacturing of textiles.

One of the major industries in Surat is the textile industry. Many of the textile industries mainly produce synthetic textiles. These industries of Surat are engaged in exporting of textiles from India to other countries. In the past few years, there have been a steady growth in the textile industries of Surat. In India, majority of sarees are manufactured in Surat. Some of the important brands of India like Vimal and Garden have set up manufacturing industries of textiles in Surat.

The industries related to brocade and jari works have been set up in Surat. The city is also known for embroidery works done with the help of computer designs. Among the major industries in Surat, the industries for diamond cutting have made their mark. In the past years, diamond cutting happened to be a part of small scale industries in Surat.

Surat, in Gujarat, have become an important center for industrial growth in the country. Many industrialists are interested in setting up industries in Surat. Major companies of India, like Larsen and Toubro, Reliance Petrochemicals, ONGC, Torrent Power, Shell have set up their manufacturing units in Surat.

The location of Surat has always favored the growth of industries. In the ancient times it happened to be one of the important trading centers of India. Many of the major industries in Surat contribute in meeting the growing demands of the Indian market.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013



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