Swaminarayan Mandir


The Swaminarayan Mandir in Allahabad was built more than 12 years back. The temple is looked after by Naranarayan Dev Gadi, which takes care of all the Swaminarayan temples in North India. The temple consists of many deities and the principal one situated in the centre is the idol of Lord Swaminarayan. Other deities include Radhakrishna, Hanuman, Narnarayan, Laxminarayan, Ganapati, Suryanarayan, Shiv and Parvatiji, etc. The main temple is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat..

There are around 41 Swaminarayan temples in various cities of states like Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. While Gujarat has these temples spread across 17 cities, around seven temples are located in Maharashtra. Apart from India, around 50 cities internationally have these temples.

The temple runs several charitable hospitals, where Swaminarayan followers can get medical assistance. Mostly, Gujarati are known to be great followers of Lord Swaminarayan.

One can observe regular satsang and kirtan at these temples. The temples also provide the devotees with free food, known as prasad.

History and Architecture

Swaminarayan, also known as Sahajanand Swami, had founded the Swaminarayan Sampraday and established the Hindu Swaminarayan temples. He had taken up a lot of reforms for the welfare of the poor, women, animals, etc. He distributed food to the poor and needy. He worked very hard to put an end to the caste system, animal sacrifices and fire sacrifices, also called as yagnas. Before his death, around 1.8 million people followed him. Later on the number increased to around 20 million by 2007.

All Swaminarayan temples usually follow the same architecture. The temple is painted in white and reddish-brown colour and is always decorated with inlaid marbles, fresh blooming flowers and designs. The several idols have their own mini temple inside the main temple and their doors are silver- or gold-plated, which only open for darshan. This temple also gives accommodation to the sadhus.

The temple has numerous images of the deity Krishna and his reincarnations. The temple primarily gives priority to Lord Krishna and his various forms. Apart from that, the temple also has several other idols. It also has a spacious central altar for devotees to get absorbed in Lord's praise.

Railings are used to divide the main shrine in Swaminarayan temple. These railings are then divided into two for man and women separately so that their entire concentration is on the almighty.

Many cultural activities take place in the temple premises, like weddings and pre-wedding ceremony, banquets and fundraisers. During idol installations, a large group of devotees from foreign countries like Australia, USA, UK and India get together to celebrate this occasion.

The temple is not restricted to any caste or creed and thus has mixed crowds. People belonging to various religions like Hindu, Muslim, Catholics, Buddhists, etc., get together at the temple for Swaminarayan's divine darshan.


6 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day.


The temple is situated on MG Marg, close to Medical Chohraya. This place is opposite KP College in Allahabad's Georgetown.

How to Reach

In order to reach the temple from the railway station, the best way to commute would be an auto rickshaw. Apart from an auto, one can also take rented taxi, buses or shared-autos, which are called 'Vikram'.

Last Updated on : 27/11/2013