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Sravasti was once the capital of the ancient Koshal kingdom durimg Lord Buddha's lifetime. Today Sravasti lies like a small village located in Gonda district in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Archaic remains of the deserted city would unfold for you the glorious past of the land. A travel to Sravasti would take you to the little village still basking in the hallowed memory of Lord Buddha.

Myth and legends still linger over the archaeological findings in Sravasti. Lord Buddha had spent here more than twenty monsoons here and performed a number of miracles, which have remained favourite themes of Buddhist art. The greatest of His miracles was to confound the Tirthika heretics by creating multiple images of Himself.

Another miracle of enlightenment on lotus of 1000 petals performed by Lord Buddha made the atheist Koshal king Prosenjit believe in God.

How to Reach Sravasti

History has it that Sravasti was the capital of Koshala kingdom on the Gangetic plains during the Buddha's lifetime.

Sravasti played a significant role in the evolution and development of Buddhism. Once a prime center of Buddhism, today Sravasti lies like a forgotten village. Archaic remains of the deserted city would unfold for you the glorious past of the land

By Air

The nearest airport from Sravasti is Lucknow (151kms) the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The domestic airport of Lucknow is linked to several major Indian cities like, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata.

By Train

Balarampur (19kms) in Uttar Pradesh is the nearest Railway Station from Sravasti. A well rail network links Balarampur to key Railway Stations so you may approach Sravasti from any part of the country.

By Road

There is a good network of roads that connect Sravasti to major cities in Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow (151kms), Varanasi (401kms).

Shopping in Sravasti

Sravasti is a renowned Buddhist pilgrimage located in Uttar Pradesh. But the little village of Sravasti does not offer much for shopping. Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is the nearest city from Sravasti. Lucknow offers excellent shopping opportunity.

Although many people visit the archaic sites of Sravasti, hardly anyone goes for shopping in Lucknow.

Uttar Pradesh has a tremendously rich tradition of handicrafts. Lucknow showcases a wide variety of them. From excellent embroidered fabric to leatherwork, silk, Chikanakari, stone crafts, there are lots of items that may leave you spoilt for choice while shopping in Lucknow.

Ranging from souvenirs, gift items to personal possessions there are lots of things for shopping in Lucknow.

Places to Visit in Sravasti

  • Maheth
  • Sobhanath Temple
  • Saheth
  • Angulimala's Stupa
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Last Updated on : 25/09/2013