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Travel to Jhansi

Jhansi Tourism

Travelling to Jhansi is an amazing experience. Gradually the city is gaining good reviews from all over the world. The city is growing in terms of both industries as well as in terms of tourist destination. Jhansi is a very pleasant soothing place. The place is quite away from the noisy hustle bustle of the metropolitan cities.

Jhansi is one of the historical cities of India. India has got some fond memories attached with this city. Jhansi reflects as an example for traditional and modern culture. It is located near the river banks of Pahunj River, sandwiched between Pahunj and Betwa River.

Best time to visit Jhansi

The best time to visit Jhansi is from September to March. One can explore the city during these months. Though there are visitors throughout the year. But it is advisable to visit the city in these particular months.

Travelling to Jhansi will always be a soothing experience as the city is quite close to the nature and will always be a great experience for visitors. Also, Jhansi is well connected to all major states and cities across the country and there are many hotels available in the city that can accommodate visitors.

Jhansi Demographics

Time Zone IST (UTC +5:30)
State Uttar Pradesh
Population (2011 census) 507,293
Area 5024 sq km
Main Languages English, Hindi and Bundeli
STD Code 91-510
Elevation 285 meters

Jhansi Travel Tips

There are no hard and fast rules that are to be followed while travelling the city. Just few precautions are to be taken care of so as to avoid any hindrance. Following are the few points that one must keep in mind while travelling:
  • Winters are harsh in this city. Pack your bags accordingly.
  • One must carry an identity proof with them while travelling within the city, in order to avoid any problem.
  • One must not be over friendly with the strangers. And must avoid travelling alone at night time.
  • Though there are many restaurants around the city. But one must carry a water bottle along with them.
  • Tourists must keep in mind that they do not hamper the cleanliness of the city.
  • Keep the following emergency numbers handy.

How to Reach Jhansi

Connectivity is never a problem for the city of Jhansi, as the city is well connected through roadways, railways and airways to all the major cities in India.

By Air

The nearest airport that is connected to the city is the Gwalior airport. Therefore all the major cities are connected to this airport. There are number of flights everyday connecting Jhansi to other major cities. Few of them are given below.

By Train

There are a number of trains connecting to Jhansi from all the major states and capitals in India

By Road

Travelling to Jhansi by road is a pleasurable experience. The journey is very smooth as the city is well connected through highways to all the major cities and towns in India. Buses are available to Jhansi from almost all the states and cities. NH 26, NH 25 and NH 75 pass through Jhansi.

Distance to Jhansi
  • From kolkata - 1192 KM
  • From mumbai - 1068 KM
  • From gwalior - 97 KM
  • From lucknow - 297 KM
  • From bangalore - 1637 KM
  • From delhi - 424 KM
Jhansi Distance Chart

Jhansi Local Transport

Local transport within the city is very convenient and cheap. Local transport includes auto, rickshaw, buses and taxis. There are different companies that offer cab facilities at just one call with a bit varying prices, one can choose according to the convenience. Other local transport is very easily available in the city and adds convenience to once travelling experience with in the city. Following are the contact numbers of the two taxi agencies in Jhansi.

Shopping in Jhansi

Jhansi is a small city when compared to the fully developed metropolitan cities. The city is traditionally quite rich but in terms of modernization this city is still developing.

There is lot to explore in this city in terms of the monuments and forts, but this place is not really a shopping destination.

Handicrafts and Markets in Jhansi

Though one could find traditional stuff quite easily, and all this traditional stuff is of good quality and gives a reflection of Indian culture and tradition. Shopping malls are rare to find in Jhansi, but gradually all the famous brands are opening their stores in the city of Jhansi, and also there is a growing trend of shopping malls in Jhansi.

Places to Visit in Jhansi
  • Jhansi Fort
  • Government Museum
  • Rani Mahal
  • Mahalaxmi Temple

Last Updated on : 27/09/2013