Andaman and Nicobar Islands By Ship

Andaman and Nicobar Islands by ship is the best way to travel to the chain of islands as you can explore the ocean waters and the scenic beauty of the islands. The tourism industry of the Union Territory has gained a lot because of this mode of transport. Travel to Andaman and Nicobar islands by ship is the most favorable mode of transport among tourists.

If you want to reach Andaman and Nicobar Islands by ship, then you must check out the routine of the ships and the routes through which they sail. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are linked with Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai through ships.

Every month there are only three to four sails between Chennai and Kolkata to Port Blair and vice versa while there is only one sail to and from Vishakhapatnam. The whole journey by ship to Andaman and Nicobar Islands takes around 50-60 hours. At Port Blair, the ships stop for three to four days.

If you are keen to travel by ship to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then you can check out the fares and travel maps at the following places :
  • The Directorate of Shipping Services, Andaman and Nicobar Administration, Phoenix Bay
    Jetty, Port Blair (For MV Nancowry and MV Swarajdweep)
    Phone: (03192) 232528/232742

  • Shipping Corporation of India Limited., Shipping House, No. 13, Strand Road, Kolkata-700001
    Phone: (033) 2482354, 2488013

  • M/s A.V. Bhanojirao and Garuda Pattabhiramayya and Company, Post Box No. 17,
    Vishakapatnam (Agent - Shipping Corporation of India Limited.)
    Phonel: (0891) 565597, 562661

  • Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Jawahar Building, Rajaji Salai, Chennai - 600 001
    Phone: (044) 5231401

  • Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Aberdeen Bazar, Port Blair - 744 101
    Phone: (03192) 233347, 233590

  • Shipping Corporation of India Limited. Apeejay House, 4th Floor, Dinsa Wacha Road,
    Phone: 2822101, 2823316

  • The Deputy Director of Shipping Services, A&N Administration, 6, Rajaji Salai,
    Phone: (044) 5220841/5226873

MV Harshvardhana Ship

There are sufficient number of ships that convey passengers to the dazzlingly beautiful islands called Andaman and Nicobar. Among them, the ship known as MV Harshvardhana cherishes a top priority. The MV Harshvardhana is dowered with the reputation of being one of the most veteran ships that plies between the destinations of Chennai and the islands of Andaman and Nicobar.

The MV Harshvardhana in India was revamped and presented with a completely new and improved appearance after the 30 years of long and tiring service provided by it. With regards to other ships, the MV Harshvardhana of India can accommodate a wee bit less passengers. As a matter of fact, 749 passengers can board the MV Harshvardhana ship for a single voyage. During the refurbishing special care was consecrated to the fact that it should be able to procure trouble free service at least till the advent of the year 2008.

How to obtain tickets at Port Blair

The ticket counter lying at a stone's throw from the Supply Line at Port Blair is the venue from where, tickets are issued with prior consent from the Andaman and Nicobar Administration. This ticket Counter is under the administration of the SCI authorities.

How to obtain tickets from Chennai

Since the Sci authorities are dowered with the coveted responsibility of managing and controlling these massive ships, tickets can be purchased from the ticket outlet that comprises a wing of the SCI office at the Rajaji Salai in Chennai-1. A land mark is that it is situated opposite to the office of the Customs. This counter also does booking for cargo also.

If you desire to get mesmerized by the breath-taking locales of the Nicobar Islands and spend some quality time there in the pleasant company of your loved ones, board the MV Nancowry ship and embark upon the sojourn of a lifetime. It were the robust Negritos and Mongoloids who resided in the gorgeous islands of both Andaman and Nicobar for a span of a few hundred years.

MV Nancowry Ship

If you desire to get mesmerized by the breath-taking locales of the Nicobar Islands and spend some quality time there in the pleasant company of your loved ones, board the MV Nancowry ship and embark upon the sojourn of a lifetime. It were the robust Negritos and Mongoloids who resided in the gorgeous islands of both Andaman and Nicobar for a span of a few hundred years.

Ever since its dawn, the Nicobar islands were virtually sealed off in a cocoon which barred its occupants to establish any sort of social or economical contact with the outside world. However, with the advent of the second century, the island of Nicobar gained its rightful spot in the map of the world with some help from Claudius Ptolemaeus, the immensely successful astronomer and mathematician.

It has been conjectured that the island of Nicobar had served to be the trade hub of the illustrious traders hailing from the far-eastern nooks of the globe.

The MV Nancowry is designated as a run of the mill passenger ship that is endowed with the provision for carrying cargo as well. The MV Nancowry of India commences on its odyssey towards Port Blair from the southern city of India named Chennai. It is the Shipping Corporation of India that owns and coordinates all the proceedings of the MV Nancowry in India. The ship of MV Nancowry undertakes two voyages in a period of one month from Chennai and one voyage from Vishakapatnam in span of three months. It takes approximately 1/2 days to reach Port Blair.

To obtain tickets you are required to fill up the requisition forms that can be easily retrieved from the Inquiry Counter for free. You will also have attach relevant documents and two recent passport sized photographs with the form.

MV Nicobar Ship

The Nicobar Islands constitute a significant portion of the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar, India. The is a passenger ship which is destined for the heavenly delectable location of Nicobar islands. You can also book tickets for a pleasurable journey in the MV Nicobar of India by seeking assistance from the sailing schedule. As a matter of fact, the sailing schedule is published in accordance with the Government of Andaman and Nicobar.

If you desire to make a trip to the picturesque locale of Andaman and Nicobar, you should head for the ticket counter at the supply line situated at Port Blair. This outlet is aptly managed by the officials of the SCI Authorities.

Procedure of Procuring Ticket

The procedure for purchasing tickets of the MV Nicobar in Indiais really quite simple and easy. You have to fill up the prescribed requisition form that are available at the Inquiry Counter. It is given absolutely free of charge. The passengers have to also submit a pair of recent passport sized photographs with the requisition form. The passenger is also required to provide appropriate documents to support the requisition form. There is also a provision available to you for availing any special facility. If you want to do so, inquire at the Phoenix Bay Ticketing Counter.

The MV Nicobar ship conveys passengers to the delectable land of the Nicobar islands. This voyage on the MV Nicobar will be indeed so pleasing that you will definitely desire to come back again.

MV Swarajdweep Ship

The ship that leaves for the gorgeous destination of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is entitled MV Swarajdweep. As a matter of fact, the ship designated as MV Swarajdweep is dowered with the capacity to house an astonishing 1200 passengers at a time and simultaneously carry 1500 tons of cargo as well.

The MV Swarajdweep in India came into existence as the Hindustan Shipyard Limited based at Vishakapatnam constructed it. However, possession of the MV Swarajdweep of India changed hands in on 9th December, 1999 as the Andaman and Nicobar Administration became its proud owners. The MV Swarajdweep at India was then positioned to traverse the route that laid between the Mainland and Island. The MV Swarajdweep ship cost a whopping sum of Rs. 173.43 crores approximately and was bequeathed with all the facilities that would indeed wow you.

To acquire the tickets you would need to procure the requisition form that is easily available from the Inquiry Counter absolutely free of charge. Before submitting the form do not forget to attach two passport sized photographs and all the various crucial documents with it. There is also a provision for you to take advantage of concessions that are available at the counter situated near Phoenix Bay.

The venue where all sorts of bookings regarding cargo are done and passenger tickets are issued is the counter that lies adjacent to the office of the Dy. Director of the Shipping and Services. The office is located at a close proximity from the Gate no.1 that leads to the Chennai Port. Another landmark is the Customs office at Salai, Chennai.

MV Akbar Ship

The MV Akbar ship has been transferring eager holiday-makers to the pristine locale of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. As a matter of fact, MV Akbar is one of the very few ships that departs from the 'city of joy', Kolkata destined for the venue designated as Port Blair.

If you wish to bask in the golden and extremely gentle rays of the sun and get drenched in the serene and placid essence of the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, MV Akbar in India is the ship you have to board.

A few details that could prove to be vital for the foreigners as well as Indian who are planning to pay a visit to the Andaman and Nicobar islands by MV Akbar of India are that a stay of 30 days is are alloted to the visitants hailing from foreign countries which can be also expanded by a margin of 15 days. But for that they would have to retrieve a special permit from the official authorities who deal with immigration.

If you happen to be an Indian, you would only require to obtain a permit if you are scheduled to visit Nicobar islands by the MV Akbar Ship. You would also require a permit for visiting the adjoining areas which are still under the influence of the tribal people. This permit can be retrieved on submission of a prescribed form to the office dedicated to the Deputy Commissioner situated in the district of Andaman.

The fare table per berth is given below :-
  • 1st Class Cabin costs Rs. 4,150 for non-islanders and Rs. 1,860 for the islanders.
  • Ordinary Bunk costs Rs. 1,310 for tourists and Rs. 550 for islanders.
  • Deluxe Cabin costs Rs. 5,880 for the tourists and Rs. 3,280 for the islanders.
  • AC Dormitory costs Rs. 2,350 for the tourists and Rs. 1,490 for the islanders.

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