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Dispur Tourism

Located in the north eastern region of India, Dispur became the capital of Assam in 1973. It is located close to the outskirts of Guwahati about 10 Km from it. Though it is well known as the capital of Assam, Dispur is also known for its tea auctions market. It is easily accessible from Guwahati.

Over the years, Dispur has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. Be it the temples or mighty river Brahmaputra, the botanical zoo or shopping streets and even the museums, you will certainly enjoy every bit of your trip.

Tourist Places in Dispur

In spite of Dispur being a small place, it has several such places that are popular tourist attractions. Primary among them are:
  • Sankardeva Kalashetra: This museum has been named after the 15th century seer of Assam, Shrimanta Shankardeva. People who want to know the history of Assam and its tribes, should visit the kalashetra.

  • Basistha Ashram: At the confluence of Lalita, Sanchita and Kanta rivers, this pilgrimage is situated. These rivers were named after the three wives of Sage Basistha. It is believed that this ashram was built by him. However, there is a temple in the ashram, which was built by King Rajeswar Singha and dedicated to Shiva.

  • Assam State Museum: This museum is located at the southern end of Dighali Pukhuri and is the apt place to fetch out information about the rich cultural past of the state. Starting from paintings, garments used by royal families, weapons to inscriptions made of stones and copper, everything is there.

  • Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens: The Assam State Zoo and Botanical Gardens covers 432 acre of land. There are various animals in the zoo, which include leopard, white tiger, rhinoceros, lion, giraffe, and Himalayan black bear.

  • Kamakhya Temple: Kamakhya temple, located on the Neelachal hilltop is perhaps one of the most popular temples in India. People from across the country attend the Ambabachi Mela that take place in the temple.

  • Sualkuchi: This is where Muga silk is produced from. Infact, Muga, golden silk is produced only in Assam, Especially Sualkuchi and no where else in the world.

How to Reach Dispur

The nearest airport is Guwahati International Airport which is at a distance of 18 km from the city. Guwahati serves in Assam as not only as the major railways station but also as the headquarters of the North east frontier railways. There is an extensive connectivity between Guwahati with the rest of the country through different kinds of trains like mails, express and super fast trains.

There are national highways that connect Dispur with other cities of India. Apart from the State transport buses of Assam government there are private owned bus services also that travel to major destinations of the north eastern region.

Last Updated on : September 2, 2016