Adventure in Assam

Adventure and Assam are two terms that definitely go hand in hand. There are plenty of romantic and scintillating options for adventure in Assam. The divergent topography of blue hills and sweeping valleys laced by the rippling cascades of turbulent rivers has much to offer to tourists and adventure enthusiasts.

The rugged mountainous terrains have an unmistakable charm of their own that spellbinds tourists like a magnet is to iron. Adventure freaks, mountaineers, rock climbers and trekkers frequent the trekking routes of the Karbi and North Cacher Hills to spend a fruitful trip exploring the wilderness.

For the more adventurous spirits who wants to spice up their lives with a dash of thrill, mountain biking is the ultimate choice. The romance and passion involved in this exciting and challenging sojourn cannot be expounded by mere words. The state's tourism department organizes several bicycle and motorcycle rallies to promote the same.

Boating sprees that take tourists all across the lakes and rivers to the neighboring islands have always been a rage with tourists and families. The bold and exploratory can always participate in the boat races that are a part of Assam's festive celebrations and feel the adrenalins coursing down their veins.

Nothing is of course better than spending a night camping out in the woods and glades enveloped by the whitewashed and starry skies. Tourists are transported back into a dreamy and idyllic world as they sit in the open beside a warm crackling fire and cook simple meals, sing gay songs and feel at harmony with nature as their free spirited souls exult in bliss.

Adventure activities in Assam


Assam, the gateway to the northeast has plenty to offer to tourists. Adventure enthusiasts can have a thrilling holiday trekking amidst the divergent topography of rugged hills and vast rolling river valleys. Trekking in Assam is no doubt a scintillating and romantic way to spend the vacation. Assam is a paradise not only for tourists on a sojourn to feel the pulse and absorb the essence of the eastern and northeastern frontier of India; adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, sports freaks, mountaineers, trekkers and rock climbers all have a rollicking time in the mystic state. There is an unmistakable hypnotic charm and romantic appeal that draws tourists and adventure lovers to the hilly terrains of Assam. The hills and knolls of the famed Karbi Hills and North Cachar Hills are a trekker's paradise. Trekking and rock climbing in Assam opens up a treasure trove of sheer delights as majority of the trekking routes lie in the isolated countryside. Thus this is the ideal retreat for all those tourists who have the unquenchable wanderlust to explore the wilderness and whose itchy feet takes them to faraway lands away from the chaotic hustle and bustle and the raucous maddening crowds.

The rough and craggy mountainous landscapes make the rock hills of Morigaon District a hitchhiker's dream come true. Popularly known as the "Elephant Rocks", they provide ample opportunities for rock climbing. Apart from the picturesque "Elephant Rocks", the Simhasana Hill that dominates Karbi Anglong District's skyline is also another noted rock climbing spot. Assam's premier and busiest city, Guwahati, situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river is ironically encircled by stunning, lofty hills on three sides that offer an excellent scope for trekking in Assam.


Assam, the gateway to picturesque and romantic locales of northeast India is a hub of exciting adventure sports. Tourists on an east and northeast Indian sojourn have a wonderful time as they make a stopover in Assam. Boating in Assam is indeed a rather pleasurable and exciting enjoyment option for tourists. For tourists and families who would rather spend a relaxing vacation, nothing is better than lounging in the waters and feeling at one with nature. The sparkling waters of the lakes and water bodies that gleam like a mirage of quicksilver are the perfect evening hangout for tourists. They can hire a boat that takes them across the sylvan lakes and provides an opportunity to explore the open countryside on congenial spring evening as a balmy zephyr blows wisps of water that sting their face.

Dighalipukhuri, an eminent water body located in the epicenter of the bustling and chaotic Guwahati city provides the much-needed freshness to the raucous concrete jungle. Tourists visiting Assam go for a boating spree that takes them for a cruise across the turbulent waters of the Brahmaputra to the Balaji Temple at Jolporee , and the other noted parks, universities, oil refineries and planetariums in the vicinity. Boating in Assam can also be made more enjoyable by taking a trip across the river to Majuli, the world's largest river island. The adventure enthusiasts seeking a bit of thrill and race of the adrenaline during every moment of life can participate in the festive boat races that take place at Barpeta, Guwahati, Hajo and Saulkuchi and equal the legendary boat races of Kerala in popularity as well as splendor.


Assam is truly a hitchhiker and adventure enthusiast's paradise with its lofty hills and vast undulating valleys. A night is truly well spent when tourists spend it camping in Assam, out in open wilderness, enveloped by a starry-whitewashed sky on a beautiful moonlit night. Camping is one adventure open that is welcomed by all, be it the adventure freaks or the routine tourists or families going on a vacation. The very thought of spending a night camping out and lazing on the green carpeted grounds as warm and cheerful fire built out of twigs crackles sends people's adrenaline rushing. The very thought of spending a night that is out of the ordinary, on nature's lap and cooking a hearty meal on the open and tell other stories and sing gay camp songs is bound to make tourists go all gaga with excitement and nervous anticipation.

In order to promote camping in Assam, the state's tourism department has organized a 9-day and 8 nightlong camping tour that also incorporates sightseeing and staying over at Guwahati and then traveling to Tezpur. From there the camp moves up to the districts of Bomdila and Tawang. Finally, the camp travels back to Bomdila and makes the final halt back in the plains of Guwahati The organizers of the camp keep in mind the sightseeing interests of the ordinary tourists and thus have included the provision for a stopover at the eminent tourist attractions. Be it the ancient temples at Tezpur or shopping in the marketplaces of Guwahati or a visit to the picturesque natural mosaic at Bhalukpung, the camp take great care to organize it all.


Assam, the land of mystic and divergent landscape of blue hills and rolling plains is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. Tourists can spice up their holidays by indulging in thrilling adventure sports. Biking in Assam is an excellent option to introduce a spark of thrill in an otherwise regular tour. The rugged and craggy mountainous terrains and the weather beaten topography of Assam are a dream come true for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts as well as sports freaks whose ravenous wanderlust drives them to explore the wanderlust in unknown and undiscovered terrains. The Assam Tourism Department has formed an alliance with the to promote sightseeing and adventure tourism in the state. Trekking, water sports, angling, archery and water sports all come under the fold of their initiative to foster exciting adventure sports. One of the most scintillating, romantic and thrilling options for adventure tourism is to race across the undulating and jagged hills on a bicycle or a motorbike. The thrill associated with tourists letting down their hair and gliding swiftly across the hills cannot be expounded by mere words.

Mountain biking in Assam is especially popular with the foreign tourists who take a flight down to Guwahati or Tezpur to spend a few days in the peaceful quietude of the hills and partake in the thrilling and exciting bike races. The state of Assam has also taken upon itself the responsibility of organizing frequent mountain bicycle and bike rallies with the sole objective of augmenting their popularity and acceptability with tourists. This will inevitably increase the revenue generated from the tourism sector.


Archery is a one of the favorite adventure sports in Assam. It is a game in which a bow is used to shoot arrows. It is a very interesting game. Assam archery has become very popular in the state. Certain sports clubs have been set up in Assam to teach archery and to take it up as a favorite sport.

Archery is an ancient game in India. The bows and arrows were used for hunting and also during wars as a traditional weapon. In the earlier days, the bow and the arrows meant for archery were made of bamboos. In Assam, this adventure sports is generally held during the winter months. During the competitions, the adventure sports lovers come from all parts of Assam and from outside the state as well. Assam archery not only interests the adventure lovers but also people from other professions to participate in this game. The archers of Assam performed very well in the thirty third National Game held in Assam in February 2007. Archery as a sports is gradually becoming popular in other Indian states as well. The archers of Assam always steal the lime light in the championships. The Assam archers have made a position of their own in the arena of Indian sports. With its gradual popularity, arching as a sports is receiving support from many private academies associated with sports.


Assam, a north eastern state of India is a tourists paradise. There are a number of tourist sites in the state. The hilly region and the natural surrounding attract travelers from not only India but from abroad. There are different places in Assam that are ideal for conducting adventure sports. The adventure lovers come to take part in the different adventure sports in Assam. Assam angling is a favorite one among the tourists. In India among the sports like mountaineering, para gliding, trekking and hang gliding, river angling in Assam is one of the favorite adventure sports among the people and the tourists . It is a sport of catching fish. In this sport, fishes are caught with the help of a hook or an angle. A fishing rod and a fishing line is attached with the hook or the angle. As a bite indicator float is sometimes attached to the fish rod. There is a fishing reel that helps to manipulate the fishing line. To lure the catch, the angle or the hook with which the fish is caught often has a bait.

Assam angling is mainly conducted in the Jia Bhoroli river. Rivers like Manas and Kapili are also known for the angling sport. The most popular angling fish in Assam is the Golden Mahseer is found in abundance in the waters of Jia Bhoroli river. An competition of Assam angling is held annually at the Jia Bhoroli river. The organizers of this competition is known as the 'Assam Bhoroli Anglers Association'. They organize this competition every year in November month. The State Forest Department also help this organizers to held the competition of angling.

Last Updated on 10 May 2011