Assam Media

The state of Assam is perhaps the most important northeastern state of the country. It is the most convenient gateway to Northeast India and has immense significance in terms of tourism, agriculture and industries. It is also a hot bed of political activities. The steady inflow of visitors and tourists throughout the year keep the state busy. Numerous people of diverse culture and community inhabit Assam. All these factors make the state a favorite with the media. No wonder the Assam Media with all its forms is working to serve the people with information, education and entertainment.

The print media, the electronic media and the e-media have equally contributed in the mission. The media in Assam can be roughly classified into the following divisions: -

  • Newspapers - print media
  • Television - electronic media
  • Magazines - print media
  • Radio - electronic media
  • Websites - e-media
  • News Portals - e-media
Some of the popular newspapers and magazines in Assam are -

  • Asomiya Pratidin
  • The Sentinel
  • Dainik Agradoot
  • The Northeast Tribute
  • Assam chronicle
  • Assam Tribute
  • Sadin
  • Sreemoyee
  • Indian Express
Some of the favorite Television channels in Assam are-

  • Zee News
  • Assam - A-Z Geography
  • Dealer Addresses
  • English TV
  • Assam-Bienen
  • Data Soft
  • Doordarshan
  • Ankhon Dekhi
  • National Geography
  • DD Sports
  • Ten Sports
  • Animal Planet
  • Star India
  • V India - a music channel
  • BBC
  • CCN
  • Aastha Channel - a religious channel
  • Zoom TV
  • Star Sports
  • ESPN
  • Zee Sports
  • DDK Guwahati - a regional channel
  • India Television
  • Star TV
  • Aaj Tak - news channel
  • NDTV - also a news channel
  • Zee TV - this is an entertainment channel
  • MTV - music channel
  • Discovery Channel - famous international educative and informative channel
  • Star News

Last Updated on 10 January 2011