Bharatpur Industries

The proliferation of Bharatpur industries has provided an impetus to the economic development of the state of Rajasthan . The city of Bharatpur in Rajasthan has several registered, small scale, medium scale and large scale industries that employ a vast educated and uneducated population of the place.

Bharatpur has been classified into five distinct industrial regions. Some of the industrial areas of Bharatpur are:
  • Brij Industrial Area Bharatpur- The Brij Industrial Area encompasses a total area of 233.06 acres
  • Old Industrial Area Bharatpur- The Old Industrial Area of Bharatpur comprises total land area of 175.66 acres
  • Industrial Area Jurhera- The Industrial Area of Jurhera encompasses a total area of 40 acres

    The economy of Bharatpur primarily depends on agricultural products and its allied industries. Oil industries are prominent industrial units of Bharatpur that have helped to raise the standard of living of the local inhabitants of the place. Bharatpur city houses 50 oil industries.

    Last Updated on 23/07/2012