Bhavnagar NGOs

The most important Bhavnagar NGOs are Vikas Vartul Trust and Shishuvihar. The NGOs take active steps to develop the society and help people in need. They organize regular programs as well as relief camps.

Bhavnagar NGOs look after various issues of the society for its betterment. The works of the NGOs in Bhavnagar include regular educational programs as well as relief works. The educational programs comprise basic education along with co-curricular activities.

For the all round development of the students, various competitions are held. Students can thus take part in story telling, singing, elocution, quiz, drawing and rangoli competitions. These indeed motivate the students and helps in developing interest in arts and culture.

NGOs of Bhavnagar also take part in the relief work to support the people in need during any kind of natural calamity like earthquake, cyclone and others. The relief camps include distribution of food and medical treatments.

For the development of the environment, Bhavnagar NGOs have supplied 'Smokeless Chulas' to the people of different villages. The most important NGOs of the district are Vikas Vartul Trust and Shishuvihar. The NGOs have established a number of libraries for the educational development of the students.

Bhavnagar NGOs look after the disabled children as well. There are schools for deaf and dumb, blind and mentally retarded children. The NGOs also organize blood donation camps, eye and other body parts donation camps.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012