Health in Bhavnagar

Health System in Bhavnagar has improved a lot after the sincere efforts of the government. The mortality rate has reduced in the recent past. The healthcare system has been totally refurbished to ensure proper treatment to the people.

Health in Bhavnagar is looked after by the Department of Health and Family Welfare of the government of Gujarat. The government has taken up certain measures to ensure good health for the people of Bhavnagar. A number of primary and secondary organizations help the government in keeping a track about the health condition of Bhavnagar. Even the NGOs are taking an active part in the welfare activities of the city. Different programs like the National Health Program have been taken up by the government under which people would be trained to take care of themselves and also of the ailing person.

Bhavnagar has now become increasingly aware of the paralytic polio against which the government has launched a health program to make sure not even a single child is attacked by polio in future. The immunization system has created awareness among the people regarding the fatal nature of polio. The children are given special care to prevent them from being inflicted by polio. Polio was on a rise in Bhavnagar until a few years back but now after the awareness and immunization campaigns taken up the government the rate of polio stricken people have reduced.

Hospitals in Bhavnagar

There are a number of hospitals in Bhavnagar. The services offered by these hospitals are good. The doctors are present throughout the day and take utmost care of the patient. The hospitals are equipped with all the instruments that would help the doctors to diagnose the disease of the ailing person. Some of the hospitals in Bhavnagar are:
  • General Hospital Bhavnagar
  • Hanumant Hospital
  • Bhut Hospital
  • Wockhardt

Last Updated on 23 July 2012



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