Bhavnagar Media

Bhavnagar Media is an active part of the society and has always played a major role in not only delivering news but also shaping the ideologies of people in Bhavnagar. The popularity of media has opened new vistas pertaining to the career options for the people.

Bhavnagar Media plays an important role in the city by providing the regional, national and international news with the people of Bhavnagar. The media and communications system has improved in Bhavnagar since it started to evolve as the commercial center of Gujarat. There are newspapers, television channels and radio stations which connects Bhavnagar with the outside world. The media is also capable of molding the ideas of the inhabitants in a positive way. In the present times a large number of people are being absorbed in the media industry in Bhavnagar, which is providing an alternative career option to the people.

Leading Newspapers in Bhavnagar

There are a number of newspapers in Bhavnagar which have taken up the responsibility of providing the news to the people. They are:
  • Gujarat Samachar - It is a Gujarat daily published from Ahmedabad and is mostly read by the mass of Bhavnagar.
  • Sambhaav Metro - This is another Gujarati newspaper published from Ahmedabad by the Sambhaav production house.
  • Sandesh - Five editions of this leading daily is published in all the major cities in Gujarat.
  • Gujarat Today - It is widely read and is published by the Lokhit Prakashan Trust of Ahmedabad.
News in Bhavnagar is not only disseminated by the newspapers but the television channels also play a key role. There are 50 regional and national channels on air in Bhavnagar. The local news channels are JTV, Deep and VNM. The national channels like NDTV, India Today, Ajtak all are telecasted in Bhavnagar. Apart from television, radio is another important medium to pass the news. Radio happens to be an important medium in Bhavnagar through which people receive all kinds of news news from the rest of the world.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012



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