Bhubaneswar Railway Station

Bhubaneswar railway station is the gateway that most visitors to Bhubaneswar pass through when they visit the capital city of Orissa. Bhubaneswar railway station is known for its cleanliness and attention to customer detail.

Bhubaneswar railway station has seen lots of positive improvements over the past few years. The improvement of Bhubaneswar railway station is directly related to the economic rise of Bhubaneswar as a regional industrial and tourist center. The present day Bhubaneswar railway station caters to a wide array of passenger demographics-from a young person looking for his first job in the steel companies to the well heeled tourist looking ahead to a relaxing beach side vacation. It should be kept in mind that Bhubaneswar railway station is also the first point of contact to seaside resorts like Puri.

For the convenience of railway passengers, the computerized system of booking railway tickets has been introduced in Bhubaneswar. The computerized system makes for hassle free purchase and confirmation of railway tickets.

Special trains are introduced during holiday season to cope with the rush of tourists who transit through Bhubaneswar railway station to their respective pleasure destinations. All these passengers require rest-room facilities. For that the bathrooms are made cleaner and more user friendly than before.

The medical facilities at Bhubaneswar railway station are also upgraded to meet the increased medical demands of the passenger. Sophisticated medical equipments are now available 24 hours a day,365 days a year.

The new Bhubaneswar railway station is the face of a resurgent India-vibrant,colorful and efficient.

Last Updated on 27 July 2012