Laundry Service in Bhubaneswar

The laundry service in Bhubaneswar is usually provided by hotels. You could also get laundry service in Bhubaneswar from company authorized Laundromats franchisees.


The laundry service in Bhubaneswar is predominantly manual; some of the laundry services in Bhubaneswar are however done with the help of machines i.e in laundromats.


In the manual technique employed by the laundry service in Bhubaneswar , human hands are used to clean the clothes. Agitating the clothes help in removing the dirt; for this reason the clothes are rubbed and twisted in a bowl of soap or detergent water. The water is usually boiled and poured over the soiled clothes. Hot water is more effective in cleaning soiled clothes than water at ambient room temperatures.


The other technique employed by the laundry service in Bhubaneswar is the mechanical method by which the clothes are washed in commercial washing machines. The washing machines are usually front loading. The laundry service in Bhubaneswar employ front loading washing machines so that the clothes are not torn in between the washing cycles. The front loading machines also provide a gentler wash. The color of the clothes does not wear off during the wash.


Laundry service in Bhubaneswar are available throughout the day in all standard hotels and lodging establishments. The service is available from the 5 star establishments to the budget lodges. If you are staying in a hotel in Bhubaneswar, please ring room service for the facility. A hotel employee shall come to your room and take the clothes for cleaning. The clothes will be delivered after a notified period of time.

Last Updated on 27 July 2012