Recreation in Bhubaneswar

Recreation is a necessity for everyone to divert his or her self from their routine life. Recreation in Bhubaneswar is feasible as it offers you with various parks, theaters, temples and clubs to rejuvenate. After a long hectic day of business meets and official works, you can retreat yourself by spending your evening at the lavish Green parks or catch on your favorite stars in a nearby theater.

Some of the very best theaters that are available for recreation in Bhubaneswar are Sriya, Swati, Keshari and Maharaja. If you want to spend your time at parks then you must visit Indira Gandhi Park, Nehru Park, Ekamra Park, Satsang Vihar Park. For Children, there is an amusement park called BDO Nicco Park. These are the various sources of Bhubaneswar recreation that gives you a break from the moribund life.

Besides, the other places of recreation in Bhubaneswar includes the clubs. If you are a wildlife buff then you must not miss Nandankanan Sanctuary and Debrigarh Sanctuary. You can also check out the Botanical Garden that lies close to Nandankanan Sanctuary.

Recreation in Bhubaneswar can be done at its beautiful sea shores where you can also witness some of the great sand artists who build sculptures of sand. You can also visit some of the great specimen of Indian art and culture in the form of Lingaraj Temple, Mukteswar Temple, Rajarani Temple. Recreation in Bhubaneswar is a very good idea to get rid from all your worries and everyday hustles and bustles.

Last Updated on 27 July 2012