Stock Market in Bhubaneswar

Stock Market in Bhubaneswar is a market for trading stocks and derivatives of different companies. Both the stocks and derivatives of the companies are freely traded. Participants of the Stock Market in Bhubaneswar can be individual stock investors or big fund traders.


The purpose of the Stock Market in Bhubaneswar is to facilitate the exchange of securities between buyers and sellers, thus providing a market place which can be virtual or real. The Stock Market in Bhubaneswar allows real-time trading information on the recorded securities which helps in fixing a price of the products.


The Stock Market in Bhubaneswar is a vital source for companies to raise fund. The businesses go public or the business person is able to raise extra capital for expansion of his business through the Stock Market of Bhubaneswar . The fluidity that Stock Market of Bhubaneswar offers, gives investors the power to promptly sell the securities they hold. This feature of investing has attracted many business person to make lump some investment in stocks.


The share price in the Stock Market of Bhubaneswar is an important economic activity of Orissa. The share price in the Bhubaneswar Stock Market determine social mood. Swell in share prices increases the business investment in the market. The banks of Orissa keeps a watchful eye on the control and behavior of the Bhubaneswar Stock Market and the diplomatic operation of financial system of the State.


Bhubaneswar Stock Exchange Association Limited was established in 1989 and got registration under the Companies Act, 1956. By 1999-2000, this S tock Market at Bhubaneswar or the Bhubaneswar Stock Exchange had a total of 234 brokers, out of which 15 were corporate brokers.


Address of the Bhubaneswar Stock Exchange:
Bhubaneswar Stock Exchange Limited
6th Floor, IDCO Towers

Last Updated on 27 July 2012